Sunday, July 7, 2013

Day 4.5 Of Owning A New High End (?) Fifth Wheel

The Keystone Montana 3725RL is considered a high end model, supposedly built to high end full timer motor home standards. We looked at this series a lot and one thing I didn’t pay attention to was the sewer hose compartment, the audio system and shockingly, the roof.

The sewer compartment is weak, you close the door and the metal around the door flexes like you wouldn’t believe. Adding a curved piece of something to solidify this would go a long way and wouldn’t cost much. This isn’t a big deal for us since the rig won’t be moved for a while. However, if we were going from place to place it would be an issue for me.

I will say the interior is built to high end motorhome specs, but the roof is rubber, there are no slide toppers and the awning has no cover. We knew this going in and can deal with it. The surround sound audio system lacking Blu-Ray is something I didn’t expect. I understand needing to make a profit but no HD support for a TV that is HD? Ridiculous.

I believe I can install another Blu-Ray player into the TV and the TV’s optical output should handle the 5.1 output to the receiver which means I won’t have to buy anything, I have a Samsung Blu-Ray player in the basement at home that we will try out next weekend. I’m sure that will solve the HD issue.

The roof is rubber, the spot we are parked at drops a lot of gunk from the trees so clean-up is going to be interesting. After 4.5 days there are already signs of the black gunk building up on the roof and slides. So, each weekend on Sunday I’ll be cleaning the slide tops and when we leave I’ll close the slides, which we did today.

So far we LOVE this new rig, small issues aside the space is amazing and we love it. Our neighbors stopped by last night to check it out and thought it looked awesome, we agree!

I had an issue flushing the black tank, there was no washer installed so I had water going everywhere but the black tank! I quickly figured it out and flushed the tank and overall everything went great after that.

We found a gouge in the kitchen floor I think the slide caused, I’ll be discussing that and the surround system with the dealer tomorrow, we’ll see what they say. Until then have a great Sunday night and we can’t wait until next weekend!! Smile


JO said...

New or used there will always be and issue with something. But she sure is a beauty. the dealer will surely correct some of the issues.

Merikay said...

It's so hard to look for everything. We have made big mistakes with houses that way. Hopefully the dealer will fix the sound system. The roof seems like a bigger deal, especially since you are under the trees. Oe question I have, is will you leave it there over winter?

Erik's RV Blog said...

JO - The sound system is as Keystone delivers it. I don't think we have a leg to stand on there but I am going to let my opinion be known, it's stupid not to have HD ability with a source, just makes no sense not to have Blu-Ray.

Merikay - I'm ok with the sound system, the roof, well, I should have done more research. Had this been a motorhome I would have spent more time on the roof, I feel silly to have missed it.

Yes, it stays in this spot over the winter, I'm going to do some research oi how this will affect it.

Rod and Loyce Ivers said...

Better order one of those big covers to keep the tree junk from staining the roof.... Its really hard to get off...

Teri said...

I see lots of ads for roof coatings in the RV magazines, you may need to do some annual maintenance because of your location and the trees. I don't think we ever get everything exactly right, but get the most we can for out $$ and work around the rest of it.