Friday, October 19, 2012


Today was Ronda’s 50th birthday. The girls at work threw her a party and called it BLACK FRIDAY! They all mourned the end of her 40’s… Smile

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We went out for her birthday dinner and then get this, she wanted to go to a gun range and shoot a couple of hand guns! She looked over several 9mm’s and 22’s and decided on a revolver. The Ruger 357 P101 3 inch barrel. She also fired the Ruger 4 inch barrel and a Smith & Wesson 357 3 inch barrel. She thought she would like the S&W more because it was lighter, well lighter may be nice but they kick more! In the end she decided she likes the 3 inch Ruger.

She used .38 rounds which are the same diameter as .357’s but are shorter so less kick. She was asked not to shoot the PVC pipe that is used to hang the targets so she shot 2 of them dead center. They didn’t charge us for them because it was her birthday and we rented 3 guns.

Let me tell you, the 3inch Ruger is LOUD and powerful! For home defense it’s the perfect choice, it’s easy to turn off the safety and for home defense it will be loaded with .357’s. If a bad guy breaks in and tries bad things, he’ll wish he hadn’t.


Tomorrow night we are going to see Paranormal Activity 4, we were going to go last night but Ronda asked to wait until tonight. She is ADDICTED to this series! Smile




Have a great weekend everybody!


JO said...

Happy Birthday Ronda!
Sounds like you had wonderful birthday. And you look Fantastic I might add.

Been having a little problem getting on your blog lately(?)

Sue Bidniak said...

happy birthday Rhonda!..hope you had a lovely day!!

Erik's RV Blog * said...

JO - I have been asking her if she plans on continuing with blogger, she says yes but hasn't blogged anything... Face Book on the other hand she keeps up to date! :)

Sue - Ronda says thanks!

Big Matt said...

Sounds like she had a good time. Personally, in most pistols, a 6" barrel is a better choice than the 4" as it gives a bit more accuracy.

Having shot a 4" a few times and discovered that I could miss a beer can from 10' because of the short barrel, I've stuck with 6" or greater when using pistols to improve my grouping.