Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Powermac Update

I received 2 of the Dual 2.0GHz last Friday. I replaced the hard drives with Western Digital 10,000rpm Raptors and upgraded the OS to OS X Leopard which just happens to be the newest OS that can be installed. No Snow Leopard or Lion for the G5 folks, not exactly backward compatible friendly considering how much grief people are giving Microsoft from discontinuing product support for 10 year old OS’s but you can still install Windows 2000 on current hardware.

The Powermac ceased production in August of 2006, the last OS that supported it came out a year later in October of 2007. Snow Leopard came out less than 2 years later and left G5 users with no upgrade. So Apple left people out to hang after spending over $3,800 for a computer that can’t even run Netflix… ugh. Disappointed smile I’m the idjit that just found this out. Disappointed smile The part about Netflix not running on non-Intel Mac’s anyway, the rest I knew about but just ticks me off a bit. When I sell them I’ll be adding this as a note so people buy knowing full well what they’re getting.

Thankfully the Dual 2GHz Powermac I refurbished works perfectly now with parts I already had on hand. The box used to ship it to me is perfect for re-using it as there is no way it will get damaged when I find a buyer for it. For general computing this will work perfectly for a student or parent.


Anyway, I just received the Dual 2.7GHz Powermac that was the most powerful G5 released, I paid 72 bucks for it. It needed work but the case was good and worth the 72 bucks by itself, until I opened the box anyway and found this. Now, it’s worth nothing but what little I can get from what might still work inside and I have no way of testing it.



I of course contacted the seller to ask them why they would use so little bubble wrap. They are closed until 1/2/12, of course. I have seen many like this on eBay after they received poorly shipped Powermac’s like this. I have to cross my fingers that this seller does the right thing, we’ll see. I photographed everything so tonight I’m going to see if I’m as good as people say I am, maybe I can get this turd working. If so I’m going to ask the seller to send me a case at his cost, if not I expect a full refund and he pays shipping back. Only difference will be I’ll ship it properly where they apparently don’t know how. Steaming mad

I’ll post back tomorrow after I determine if this thing is salvageable or not.


Big Matt said...

Bubble wrap never cuts it shipping towers. You need actual foam or the original styrofoam packing.

One of the reasons I save all plyable foam packing I can for reusing for shipping fragile items.

I hope you climb up their rear end and stay put till you get satisfaction.

Erik's RV Blog said...

Big Matt - Agreed and the first PowerMac was shipped in form fitting foam. Ugly but very good at protecting the computer and I'm saving that box for when I sell the machine.

I wrote the seller of the damaged system that I am re-using his materials to ship it back since there is nothing to save. They don't get back into the office until next week so I'm stuck waiting on them.