Saturday, December 3, 2011

No Mice!! :)~

I went up to the RV today and everything was fine, no mice and everything started and ran smooth for the 10 mile trip. It’s only been a month but it seems like much longer! The end of March won’t come soon enough.

I still put down mouse traps and more dryer sheets. Hopefully we’ll get lucky and not have any rodent visitations this winter.


Crossing my fingers!

Have a great weekend everybody.


Rae said...

Eek! I hate mice.

Merikay said...

A good check in is a mouse free check in!

JoJo said...

Hope she stays mouse free all winter. Its so cold here I feel like I am back in the moutains.

TexCyn said...

Good deal, I'll bet you can't wait till March. It's cold here for the next few days, but nothing at all like what ya'll get! At least we do get to warm back up here again & don't have to winterize...guess you didn't need to hear that huh? Hope the meeses stay away!