Saturday, December 3, 2011

First Winter Check

Heading up to the rig shortly to drive it for 10 miles, fill up the tank, run the genny, put a load on it and check for mice. I think I found where they got in last year, the dealer removed a panel in one of the bays so I replaced it and hopefully that helps.

Bringing mouse traps, already put down dryer sheets everywhere but have heard that doesn’t help but it can’t hurt the smell of the rig so I’m leaving them.

Wish me luck, knock on wood everything is fine.


~~Sue and Doug~~ said...

good luck..hope there is no new residents!!

Dragonfly said...

Erik, are you shutting your rig down for the winter?
If so I hope you are somewhere nicer than where I will spend the winter.

Merikay said...

Craig calls me his big mouser! I'm constantly on guard both around the house and garages and around the rig.

I've had two mice in the rig, but trapped them right away. I have traps of several kinds, moth balls under the rig, and useless dryer sheets everywhere.

I think all we can do is not let them get established!

Good luck. Any more signs of mold?