Thursday, December 29, 2011

Diabetes's Doctor Visit

Last week I went in for my blood test and doctor visit, today she gave me the results, which weren’t very good. Not that there wasn’t good news, there was. BP of 110 over 70, lost 10lbs, no protein in the urine test which means kidneys are still working fine. The bad news, A1C was 10, up from 7.8 to 10, not good but at least it’s not 14.9 which I have been at before. Cholesterol was 250, up from 170, LDL was 138, up from 100, Triglycerides are 238, up from 126 and pretty much everything else was high as well. This was depressing news to say the least.

I explained to the doctor I’m still having lower leg pain issues including my right foot so in 6 weeks I get to go through various tests again since taking me off of Lipitor didn’t solve it. I walk a lot which is good, but walking in pain stinks, I’m taking up the treadmill again to add to the 3 miles I currently walk to see if that helps but who wants to walk more when it hurts so much. There has been times that I have to stop on the bridge going over I-90 by my work to let my legs get some feeling back before going the last block to work. My diet has been bad the past 3 months so I’m going to work on that as well.

I was doing pretty good for 2 months after my previous A1C but the Victoza has been an issue since. So the Doc has me on some new meds, including one to help me sleep because that alone can be hurting my numbers and when I told her I haven’t woken up refreshed in the past 15 years ever, she was shocked, I could have sworn we discussed this before but apparently not. If anybody reading this actually wakes up feeling refreshed let me know what that’s like because I haven’t a clue, I wake up feeling like warmed over crap. Thank God for hot showers or I wouldn’t function in the morning at all.

Confession time, I haven’t done my best the past 3 months to care for myself and after reading this you’re thinking to yourself no duh dufus! It’s hard work trying to keep your numbers down, I guess with everything that’s been going on I took the easy way and that has to end. My goal is to be back in the 7’s in 3 months. They are going to do more tests in 6 weeks because my white cell count is still too high and a few other things that came up from the test last week.

They want to verify things before going further and they want to find out what's causing the muscle pain in my calf's and right foot. Trying to explain the pain isn’t easy but it gets bad at times, thankfully the Doppler shows blood flow is fine but that doesn’t mean there isn’t some kind of nerve issue or something else going on. We’ll hopefully find out more after the next test.

Not much else going on to report, still working on getting that last PowerMac sorted out, finalizing plans for New Years Eve and beginning the new year with my act sorted out, I hope.


Teri said...

Hope the docs can find something to help with your numbers. As far as helping yourself, keep a picture of the RV and your full-timing dream where you can see if everyday. This will help to keep you motivated. You have a gift in repairing and building computers and can use that to make extra money while planning on traveling and also while traveling.

JOJO said...

I hate hearing about the bad counts I keep asking my daughter whats going on with her and she says its all good. I know it isn't. I hope you can turn your numbers around. The pain in your legs and foot can also make your BP go up. Before my knee surgery mine was high, now its perfect. Take care. And have a healthy, Happy New Year to you and yours.

Donna K said...

Sorry to hear about your A1-c numbers but at least your BP is down. Diabetes is indeed a hard disease to manage. Wake up refreshed??? What is that? Sleep more than 2 hours without waking up?? Not happening!

Teri said...

I have an Amazon kindle app on my laptop and just downloaded and read the free sample of the book "Wheat Belly" written by a doctor, he talks about diabetes in this book, you might be interested in reading it.

Rae said...

Going through the same thing myself. My A1C keeps climbing as well. I feel your frustration. Hoping the new year is better for both of us.

TexCyn said...

I have no clue as to what waking up refreshed is either. But I don't have your health issues. Mine is due to other issues. I hope you can do well with a good diet & all the pain goes away! Good luck.

Sunny said...

Hi Erik. I hope you get a really good vision of your life that would encourage you to take better care of yourself. I know it isn't easy. I have a sister who is also going through a hard time and very discouraged although in different set of circumstances than yours. Please be encouraged and hopefully you will turn a big corner soon. Take care