Saturday, December 3, 2011

Apple/Steve Job’s Comment(s) Response


Big Matt – Many people would agree, not so sure about the last part but I can see where you could think that.

DeanO – Thanks, I enjoy your blog as well!

Michael Ultra – Bill Gates loaned them 170 million, of course part of it had to do with the whole monopoly thing going on with the Feds. It was in his best interest to keep Apple going, plus he got them to make IE the default browser on the Mac which really pissed off the faithful.

Lou – Apple has gotten mostly good press,even when so many bad things were happening in China. Steve would say they are dealing with it and that would be it, the truth is he did nothing but toss them an extra $.30 which was 30% but 30% of almost nothing doesn’t amount to much. Had that been Michael Dell, you can lay odds the press would have hung him out to dry.

Rae – Agreed, 100%, well said.

Doyle and Terri – Many Windows PC’s are made in China, but not all of them, you’ve heard of Dell right? They have lots of manufacturing right here in the USA. The blog post was about Apple and Steve Jobs who held themselves as innovators and LEADERS in the computer, mp3 and cell phone field. I am being real, Apple makes claims of being green and above the fray and the truth is they are leaders in how to use people for as little pay possible. Name one American computer company with as many violations and deaths as Apple, can you even find one?

The only manufactured computer I own is a Mac which was built in China. My American made PC was built by me, sure it was built with many parts from China but I have zero control over that, Apple has 100% control of where their gear is made. Except for my Mac’s I have built every single computer before and since. In fact I built clone Mac’s while they were allowed to be built, Apple squashed that as well. Apple is dropping the Mac Pro and I don’t really do any support work for Mac’s anymore so I can sell off their gear with a smile on my face.

As for Steve Jobs holding out longer than anybody else please cite your source. Apple pulled up anchor in 1992, this was actually sooner than most other computer companies. Steve Jobs wasn’t even involved with Apple at the time so he couldn’t have held out, so I have to assume you just made that up.

When he took over in 1997 he could have done something then, he could have done something every single time a person died while making Apple gear, but he didn’t, he covered it up, made excuses and EXPANDED production. So if I seem a bit focused on Apple and Mr. Jobs it’s for very good reason.

Apple had many chances to do the right thing, that’s what leaders in an industry do, instead they chose and continue to choose to expand and expand at such a rate people are stressed even further to keep up. If you can show me any other American computer company with as many violations, deaths and conditions that Apple condones in China, please tell me, I’m all ears.

I support networks in Chicago, Naperville, Washington DC and in California. 90% of the computers in all four locations are Dell’s built right here in the USA, if you’d like, I’ll sit at one and take a picture.

For all of the products I have bought that were made in China, only one is associated with suicides, unpaid overtime, abuse and forced public humiliation for not performing to unreal expectations that would get huge headlines in the USA, and that is Apple.

If this isn’t getting real enough I can post articles for the past 16 years of Apple covering up problems in China, no other US based computer company can hold a candle to the violations Apple has so I am being real…


Mike and Sandy said...

You're obviously passionate about your subject, Erik, and passionate folks usually are movers, shakers and game changers. We can't do without them. When your dragons are slain, however, here's wishing you peace and contentment in our big, wide, wonderful world.

Erik's RV Blog said...

I hold Apple responsible for helping to foster a system of abuse where people are forced to work in conditions we would never and should never have to put up with.

I have no dragons to slay, Apple has the support of too many for people like me to be able to do anything about it. But I can open my big mouth once in awhile and rant about it. :)

The world is wonderful, but for 450,000 employees of Apple/Foxconn they will never have a chance to figure that out.

Nan said...

You have convinced me to buy Dell! I'm so against China produced products and FOR made in the USofA! We must support our people and economy.

Erik's RV Blog said...

I could write about Dell support issues but no computer company is perfect. I don't know of any deaths from Dell forcing people to work like what happens at Foxconn.

Dell makes a decent product and I'd put their XPS up against the MacBook Pro any day of the week. Stay away from their cheap computers, I dislike the Inspirons.