Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Year Goes By So Fast

It has been a year since we discovered the RV had a leak up front on the passenger side.


Since we bought the rig on 6/29/10 we have had the following done by both the dealer (almost everything the original dealer worked on, had to be fixed, again) a new dealer plus a body shop. Leak(s) repaired using SealTech ($1,800.00), the entire rig re-caulked (for lack of a better word), the hydraulic jacks repaired, 2 new front tires installed, the trim around the interior slide walls replaced, slide stop bolts installed, the generator tuned up, the generator exhaust replaced, the engine hood hinges re-welded, the V10 engine belt replaced, the engine battery replaced, the gasket around the entrance door replaced 3 times, third brake light replaced twice, both windshields and the entire gasket replaced (installed again by body shop), the windshield wiper arms repainted, the front of the rig repainted, the left and right fenders repainted, both exterior mirrors repainted, the side door handle repainted, the rear bumper repainted, the kitchen ceramic tile replaced with a wood floor, the slide topper replaced (twice, once by the original dealer, a brand new one by Collier RV), both tank vents replaced (one of them twice). Disappointed smile

Work that I have done, repaired leaking AC unit (1st night in the coach!) re-wired front headlights, marker lights and turn signals (how could the dealer screw this up so bad?) re-wired the digital converter box, installed a new LCD TV, installed a DVD/VCR combo , installed a new Blu-Ray player, 3 hours total removing the Shabbona Creek RV letters from 3 locations on the rig and removing the almost permanent gunk they imbedded into the side walls, repaired broken water lines from last winter, repaired leaks in sewer compartment, installed new shower head and line, re-wired ACME tow dolly after company shipped it with faulty lighting. Disappointed smile

There may be more but here is what’s left, replace water pump that Scott’s RV burnt out last winter and repair soft floor in the toilet room and if possible replace all ceramic tile with allure flooring so the toilet room and bathroom match. Possibly replace house batteries since I managed to squeeze another season out of them after Scott’s RV claimed they were bad last winter.

Whew, what a list, tell me folks, how do you feel about YOUR rig now? Smile with tongue out


Michael Ultra said...

I would be thoroughly pi$$ed about this. How is it you are so calm?

Sue and Doug said...

nice to make a list and see how far you have come..or rather how much you have spent! least it is all behind you now!

Erik's RV Blog said...

I have had a year to calm down! Actually, if you ask my wife she would tell you I wasn't very calm handling them as they came up but I have tried to handle them better.

I thought I would re-cap and was actually shocked at how much has been done and at the fact I still have a soft floor to deal with. The previous owner clearly didn't see he had a leaky toilet sprayer and over the 9 or so years I think he owned it he could have done some things better for sure.

The dealer we bought from I believe knew about this, but proving it, impossible.

JoJo said...

I will have to do some repairs and new tires to mine when I get home. The tires should be enough of and expense. If I do decide to sell I will have to replace the solor control panel or what ever that thing is inside the rig that the fool must have put in himself and not right so it burned up. I know that cost is 136. without tx and shipping and then to install.
But I don't boondock so for me it isn't a problem. I hope your rig is just about finished for repairs.

Merikay said...

So far we have spent a bundle on tree work, and are planning on another large amount on Friday. We could have rented a nice covered building for more than a year for what we are spending on tree cutting, but Craig really wants the rig at home. At least we don't have to winterize it. If freezing weather is predicted we can move her down to the Moose Lodge.

Big Matt said...

She's doing alright, got a post to make on my blog about her soon with my latest upgrade to the structural integrity of the front end to help hold those 30 gallons of fresh water in place without taking the floor down to the ground during the loading process :p