Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day

I spent the better part of the day inside the rig watching a Jerry Lewis movie marathon and working, had a fever and wasn’t feeling too good. By 5pm though I felt a bit better so I got out the grill and cleaned it up and the wife gave me these two enormous sirloin steaks she got in town. I prepared them and also grilled asparagus and brussel sprouts in tin foil and we sat down to a fantastic dinner. Neither one of us was able to eat more than half the steak though, they were just too big and of course I forgot to take a picture!

After dinner I started the fire-pit and we sat down to a relaxing 5 hour long fire. This time of the year the crickets aren’t near as loud as they were in June, last time we were here they were so loud we could hardly hear anything else. Tonight they are pleasant back ground noise and because it’s so cool there are only brief breaks in the silence by the occasional AC unit. The mosquitoes took the night off as well, I only got bit a few times with no bug spray, not bad at all!

I hope everybody had a great holiday weekend! Until next time. Nyah-Nyah 




Nan said...

BEAUTIFUL FIRE! So glad you are feeling better.

Sue and Doug said...

glad you got out and enjoyed the rest of the day!!..nice work on the campfire!!!

Kate said...

I love the pictures of your fire!

Big Matt said...

Thanks Erik, Labor Day 2012 (next year) has an extra special meaning for me, as it marks the point of no return where the Redneck Express and I will begin our biggest trip ever across the northern US and then down into Illinois to visit family.