Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Comment Responses

I haven’t been back up to the RV, have Bronchitis so I have no idea what it looks like up there but I’m praying the anti-mold spray I applied did it’s job and the spores haven’t found a new place to take hold.

Sue & Doug – If I’m right this was slime mold, most likely from under the tiles after years of moisture so when I pulled the tiles spores were released into the bathroom.

Judy & Emma – Either have I and I pray I never do again!

Michael Ultra – Puffball fungus, you know what, it sure does! But does it start out as a greenish yellow slime? I’m doing some research on it now, doesn’t make sense it growing in a clean bathroom.

Merikay – I found an RV tech that is going up there with me Saturday, right now he’s recommending I rip out the sub floor which is a very expensive undertaking and I don’t like what RV companies do to connect the sub floors together. It doesn’t give me warm fuzzies so I’m thinking of having the entire ceramic tiles removed and the bathroom and toilet room floors sanded, a 1/2 in plywood board screwed and glued to the toilet room which will raise the floor but that’s ok since both the bathroom and toilet rooms will be getting a new allure floor so the transition between the two rooms will be easy to do. Question is cost, we’ll see what happens.

Nan – Thanks, who ever thought something like this was possible inside of an RV??

JoJo – It’s the floor and wall and the toilet is in it’s own little room so I think this is coming from under the ceramic tiles.

Diana – I think Blogger did that, it affects only pictures but not all of them from what I’ve seen. I am going to bring bleach with me and clean anything not porous with it and then spray the exposed flooring as well.

Thanks for the comments folks, I’ll report what I find after I go up there hopefully tomorrow night.


Merikay said...

I'm keep you in my thoughts! But do wear a Good mask when you are working in there, even if you feel you have it under control. By a good mask, I don't mean one of those little dust masks, or the over the ear ones the dentist wears all day. Go to a medical supply and tell them your application.
We had some really good ones we bought to wear on the airplane during the last flue scare. Craig wore his both ways and was fine. I didn't wear mine home and got the flu.

With Bronchitis your lungs are already compromised. Pleas take care.

Take lots of pictures. Does any insurance cover any of this? Comprehensive? Water damage?

Judy and Emma said...

Merikay's idea about the masks is a good one!

JoJo said...

I also agree with Merikay, wear a good mask. Be careful.

Merikay said...

For some reason when I looked at the before picture of the round "growth" I thought that was the ceiling and wall, no the floor and wall. Maybe it is just growing up from the floor.