Thursday, July 28, 2011

RV Update…

The RV is still in the body shop, with RV’s once it goes into a shop it seems the shop will have it for at minimum 2 to 3 weeks, no matter how simple the job is, unless you’re living in it of course. The shop our rig is at is very busy right now, the good shops always are right? Last year our rig spent the better part of July through December getting various repairs taken care of multiple times until we decided to do the work ourselves or have somebody else do it, which turned out to be the right decision.

Anyway, March 30th this year the slide topper gets damaged beyond repair (that only took 2 full months to figure out) and so a new one got ordered and installed, total amount of time to repair, nearly 3 months. We were able to use the rig while waiting for parts though thankfully.

The RV dealer also installed Cyclone black and gray tank vent covers right? Who knows! When I called to pay for it no work order could be found and after numerous attempts to pay for this service I have given up for now. I’ll just have to wait until I pick it up to verify that work was performed, if so great, I’ll drive over and pay, if it wasn’t done then this will be a job I do on my own.

I haven’t seen the replaced slide topper yet so I have no idea if they installed the right color or what have you so we’re flying by the seat of our pants here. No matter what though, since we have to travel up that way Saturday anyway I’m going to stop by and check the rig out, we were supposed to go camping this weekend but July has been a wash since my Dad left on July 4th, we haven’t been able to use the rig at all this month.

I got a quote to have the top of the front cap painted and clear coated, $549.00, this will have to wait. I really want to have the front and rear caps painted and clear coated, this would make keeping the rig clean so much easier but for this year no way, it still needs 4 rear tires and shocks so we’ll wait until next year.

We are still hoping the rig might be ready tomorrow by some miracle so we can take the rig to Sugar Shores and visit with family. Cross your fingers!


Merikay said...

I will!

Wanderin' said...

My fingers AND toes are crossed for you.

Sue and Doug said...

fingers and toes are crossed here too!..good luck..hope you can break the rv out of 'jail'!!

Big Matt said...

Fingers crossed, even though they are a bit greasy and dirty from doing wiring and finish work on my truck :p