Friday, July 8, 2011

RV Update… Again :)~

Received a call from Collier RV this morning, they have contacted State Farm and got the OK to repair the holes left behind after removing the original slide topper and it was given the A’OK to proceed. They also completed the install of the new Cyclone roof vents. Thumbs up

On Monday Marengo Auto Body will be picking it up to do the hole repairs so by the end of next week we should be all set! My only big project now is to get the side walls buffed out and waxed and to Red Max the rear cap and the top of the front cap, oh yeah and also clean the rubber roof.

Wait, hold the phone, still have the water pump to get replaced by the place that burnt it out last year. Ok, after THAT I can rest right.. well… I’ll try to anyway! Open-mouthed smile At some point I will revisit my project list but for now I’m pretending the above is it! Smile with tongue out

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