Sunday, May 15, 2011

Where Are All The Bee’s Going????

I read an article this morning explaining that cell phones are helping to kill off bee’s all over the planet. My first thought was no frickin way, how can a cell phone kill a bee? Check out this article for more information. Honestly I don’t know what to think, but there should be a way to change frequency for these devices considering every phone made today is multi frequency capable and how many use the old 900MHz GSM standard? Reading further they suggest it’s possibly phone generated electromagnetic fields but heck electromagnetic fields can vary wildly anyway and since when do we place cell phones directly into a bee nest?

I know 900MHz was just a sample and all phones emit a field so how did the bee’s act in normal situations where people don’t call a bee hive directly? Let’s at least take the study to the next level. To me, if this study is true it would be in our best interest 2 years after the study to do a more in depth analysis and find out what’s really going on.

I know I have 3 cell phones in my house that get plenty of use and the wasps have no problem building nests (maybe they don’t qualify) in my eaves and the bee’s seem to be everywhere and don’t fly away from me when I’m talking on the cell phone. I hope they do another study and we find out something solid soon, if bee’s pollinate 70% of the worlds food supply, maybe we should figure this out real soon.


Big Matt said...

Junk science is still junk science, and right now academia seems to be filled with it. Global Warming/Cooling/Climate Change anyone?

Erik's RV Blog said...

Agreed, however I can see how a phone right in there with the bees could affect them.

What I don't get is how it can affect bees from so far away. I hate it when they release a "study" that didn't cover all aspects.

Teri said...

My neighbors and I have a lot of bees in our yards. We both have a lot of perennial plants, and the bees even created there own hive in the support posts of my neighbors garage. The support posts are made of real tree limbs/trunks and the bees decided this was a good place to fill with the nectar from all of the flowers.