Saturday, May 21, 2011

RV Update…..Actually, Updates In General

First, thanks to all those who commented about Scott’s death, he will be missed. It’s hard to imagine why he felt he had to end his life but there is a reason for everything, hopefully it makes his parents closer.

This Wednesday I’m up for the Doppler test for my legs, that should take about 3 hours and then Thursday I get blood tests and X-Rays and if the last time was any clue, it will be another half day in the hospital waiting. Good thing is it should be one more step in making sure there is nothing wrong with the blood flow to my legs and hopefully a reason why there is so much numbness will be revealed. Neuropathy has been fully ruled out, so something is causing it, just need to find out what it is!

We got a call from the RV dealer, they are finally making headway with the parts to repair the slide topper/awning. They don’t want to install a new slide topper because it will leave holes that have to be repaired and no matter how well you’ll still see them. So, they are having the parts made to repair the mechanism, how cool is that? Collier RV in Rockford, IL ROCKS, pure and simple.

We picked up the RV today and put it in storage so it’s available to use for the Memorial day weekend and to pick out the color for the new slide topper should they have no choice but to install one. I have to admit, I LOVE getting into the rig and driving it, I could drive it cross country I like it so much. Alas I only went about 5 miles to the storage place. The damn toilet wasn’t holding water again, but you know what? Who cares! I can fix eeeeeeeeeet! I priced a new toilet, why you ask? Great question!

If we replace the toilet we can get one that sits higher and has a better flushing mechanism for under $200.00. In the meantime I put some petroleum jelly on the ball and it’s holding water again. When we were done camping the last time I added 5 gallons of water and ice and some Dawn dish washing liquid into the tank, the non-anti-bacterial kind so it wouldn’t kill the bacteria in the tank. I was worried it would create methane gas and with it not holding water I was also afraid it would stink to high heaven but there was no odor at all! Great news! I am getting a wand that has jets attached and when we take the rig to Sugar Shores this weekend (we got the huge lot again!!) I am going to power wash the tank from the tank flush and the wand. If that doesn’t get rrrr done nothing will!

While at Collier RV we saw another great RV, a 2006 Holiday Rambler Admiral with dual rear bedroom slides, a desk and recliner in the bedroom and 22.5 inch wheels. It was our dream floor plan! We can dream right! Anyway, we will hopefully be heading out to Sugar Shores this Thursday night, we’ll see how the week plays out.


Merikay said...

Be happy you have an RV at all. Someday you will retire and have a good trade in and you can buy a bigger and better one. Of course by then you will have fixed everything on this one and will have to start all over.

Erik's RV Blog said...

Merikay - Don't get me wrong, I know how lucky I am. :) Like I said, we can dream right?

Big Matt said...

Congrats on the outing luck Erik :). Been mostly taking care of base camp for the past week. Did go up to Seattle for a little while, but that was a car and cheap motel outing.

Truck still needs finishing and the camper still needs swing outs before I can load it again in any event, so it'll likely be September or October before she goes anywhere again, sadly.

Kevin and Ruth said...

Hope you have a great weekend with great weather.

Kevin and Ruth

Erik's RV Blog said...


I have tried to comment on your blog as you fix up your rig and the damn thing won't let me.

The upgrade looks great, when you paint the fenders it will look factory. :)

Big Matt said...

Thanks for the heads up on the comments, I'll go check the settings :).

Yeah, my hope is she looks close to factory, the truck bed is "rustoleum white" as I repainted it after I bought the truck, it was somewhat beat up being in the service of the Oregon State Parks department in her previous life.