Monday, May 23, 2011

HTC Thunderbolt Firmware Update

I know a few people were looking at the Verizon HTC Thunderbolt and my only real complaint was battery life. Verizon and HTC issued a new firmware update that may or may not help. I installed this update on all of our company phones and will keep an eye on it for a few days and then write back how it goes. So far I haven’t noticed anything new or different. I still love this phone. Smile with tongue out


Hejbullah said...
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Erik's RV Blog said...


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Just dropped by to say helo and to catch up on you past posts. Very sorry to hear about Scott. My father was a military man and I always find it upsetting to hear about the loss of yet another good life.
I hope you get your legs sorted. We have a friend who is experienceing exactly the same thing. He'll walk for a while and then his legs go numb. He is having neurological tests and tests for MS. Fingers crossed you'll get sorted soon.
I'm delighted you like your new phone. See this new technology can be fun, although my husband still loathes the iPhone and insists on using his ancient mobile.
Fond wishes from across the pond to you both.
Carol said...

I meant to add with reference to Scott that at one point I was engaged to a soldier who fought in The Falklands War. When he came back he was a changed man. he was frighteningly different. He would stare into space and tremble for no apparent reason. He couldn't concentrate on anything. He would wake up screaming at night and never got over what he had witnessed (he lost all his troop on the sinking of one of the ships) or the guilt he felt. We broke up. He had a breakdown. He left the army on medical reasons and we never heard of him again.
I can offer very few words of comfort to Scott's parents but they can be assured that he was a very brave young man. War takes its toll in many ways. My sincerest condolences to them.