Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Giving Loki A New Friend Saves Money

We pay $300.00 per month for doggy day care to keep Loki from destroying our house. Since we are gone at minimum 10 hours a day for my wife and 12 to 13 hours a day for me Loki can’t be left alone for that long, heck she can’t be left alone for 5 minutes without making the Basenji scream and scaring everybody within a few blocks. Then while doing her scream she tears up everything around her, she just can’t be left alone. She is awesome but a real pain as well.

We have been told she might calm down a bit if we got another dog to keep her company. By getting another dog we could actually end up saving money as well as provide companionship for the mutt. Smile with tongue out My worry is we will end up with two dogs that can’t handle it at home but we can return the dog if it doesn’t work out. We would hate to but if it doesn’t work what else can you do?

Initial research puts these dogs at around 45 to 50 lbs at full adult age. The only dog that doesn’t fit that is the already named Thor, he is at 80lbs and has reached full size. Also our research shows these dogs have all been tested with other dogs, people and cats and supposedly are very playful and not timid or scared like the first dog we got last year. If you adopt a scared timid dog it has likely been abused so you really need to have the time to bring the dog around and out of his/her shell. We don’t have that amount of free time. Here are the dogs as the list is today. The adoption fee is $300.00, they have all their shots, have been spayed or neutered and are ready for homes.

First up is Dakota, should we adopt him his name will become Thor. So we will have Loki and Thor, what awesome names! Smile with tongue out No name picked out for a female yet but we’re thinking about it! What do you guys think?

                             Dakota - Female            Already named Thor! – Male

                Dakota Thor

                       Squiggles – Female                Willie – Male

                   Squiggles3  Willie2

                    Tinker – Female             Brynn – Female

                   Tinker3  Brynn2

                      Smiles – Female                    Keebo – Male

               Smiles2 Keebo3

                                                    Bear – Male



Merikay said...

I have had two dogs several times. My experience is that each dog is an individual and remains that way even if a companion is introduced.

I noted the second dog did not particularly "miss" the first when it was gone. (As in died.) This happened with two different pairings.

Dogs do "pack" and hang out together if something interesting is happening. If one barks they both bark.

One dog will be the "Alpha." if it is Loki, will he lead the other to destruction?

Have you tried a trainer?

I don't know diddly about what I'm saying other than my personal observations.

Teri said...

My only concern would be who will let the dogs out, most dogs can't stay in the house for 10-12 hours without having an accident. Will you have a doggy door to the yard?

Erik's RV Blog said...

Merikay - Great questions and we mirror them. Loki believed she was the alpha when we got her. She believed she should walk through a door first, up the stairs first etc...

We quickly let her know her place and today she knows her place. However around other animals out of our control she believes she will be the boss. We, if we do this will try to foster care the dog first and see how it works after she passes a full day hanging around the new dog.

We are also going to have Loki trained no matter if we get another dog or not.

Teri - EXACTLY!! My concerns as well, I don't trust anybody to come into our home to let a dog or dogs out. I had doubts about getting one dog because of the time we are away from the house while at work but my wife wore me down and we got Loki, now the bond is set, so we have to work something out.

My position was unless you can be home then it's not a good idea to have a dog. Since she can't be in the house she has to go to day care. Getting the second dog only possibly solves one problem, but it does nothing for the problem of nobody being home for 10 hours a day.

I am sooo open to suggestions. I have thought about the doggy door but that gives people access to the house as well as the dogs.

Sue and Doug said...

It is a difficult decision to get another dog...a friend for Loki is a good idea but you just need to be sure you really want two the one called 'Smiles'!..she would be my pick...we wish you luck with this very hard choice!
Our boy Tucker stays in the condo when we are at work...7 in the morning until at least 430 in the afternoon.never had an accident.....he has the cat for company though..separation anxiety is not a problem for us..thank goodness!.

Sue and Doug said...

my other thought would be a dog wallker to come and take her out during the day..just to break up the monotony of staying home..I know some days I feel terrible having to leave him at home but he seems to be well adjusted..the weekends are for him!..good luck!

Levonne said...

Not sure that another dog is the answer. But I bet Loki loves doggy daycare. Any other options for daycare? An individual with their own dog willing to let Loki come and stay and play with their dog for less money than you pay the doggy daycare place? But you might want to consult a professional on the matter??

Erik's RV Blog said...

Some great ideas, we aren't looking at getting another dog just for Loki. My wife really wants another dog but my concerns are there but you guys have given some great ideas that I'm going to discuss wit da boss and see what she says.