Saturday, April 30, 2011

Weekend Camping At Sugar Shores

We were given one of the largest lots (#FG1) for the weekend, you could fit a 60 footer and a car or our 36 footer and two cars! Simply awesome.

They are calling for storms so I put the awnings up and stowed all of our gear. It’s sunny right now and VERY windy but we are having a blast. We’ve gone for a nice walk and took pictures of lots that are for sale, we can’t buy any of course but one can dream right? So far so good on the RV front, everything works, no leaks no problems, life is good. Smile with tongue out

        Yes, this road is narrow!!!!                    Entering from the West.

IMAG0067 IMAG0069

                           The visitor center, store and offices


              Lot number FG1, absolutely HUGE for this campground.




It’s time to eat breakfast, then we’re going for a long walk and I’ll take more pictures. By the way, all these pictures were taken with my HTC Thunderbolt cell phone. Not perfect but pretty good I think!


DeanO said...

Awesome Erik - happy you are having such a wonderful time. I enjoy the pictures - especially the dog by the fire

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Good to see your getting out for the weekend. Looks like Loki is loving it. be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

Teri said...

Sounds like everything is going well on this trip. I should be back in IL late Sunday.

Erik's RV Blog said...

DeanO and Sam & Donna - Thanks, yeah Loki is having a blast. So are we, I would love to spend the summer here.

Teri - I'm glad you're having a good trip to, looks like the rig is doing well for you! Have a safe trip going through IL!

Jeff & Barbie said...

Looks like a good time. And the pix are great for a cell phone.

Big Matt said...

Okay, I'm officially jealous ;).

That is one epic site! You could cram a small caravan of truck campers into that site :p.

Big Matt said...

How much did this site set you back? It's probably alot more spendy than what I could afford for travel :p.

Margie and Roger said...

Happy to read that things are going well for you this weekend. What a nice site you have! Loki looks comfy by the fire. The HTC photos look really good - wouldn't have guessed they were off a cell phone.

Erik's RV Blog said...

Jeff & Barbie - Thanks!

Matt - $35.00 per night, they don't charge more for the larger lots, it's first come first served so we lucked out that the owners of this lot rent it out when they aren't here.

Margie & Roger - Yeah this place it fantastic. We got lucky for sure. Regarding the HTC phone, we didn't even consider the phone aspect so we got lucky there too!

Diana said...

Wow I leave for a few days and you two are off having fun!
The pictures are great! Better than my crappy camera! Have fun.
Love Di ♥

Erik's RV Blog said...

Welcome back Diana! I got lucky when my company bought this new phone, kind of shocking how well it takes pictures.

Big Matt said...

$35 a night's not too bad :) for a full hookup site, other than where I'm living full-time, I usually don't spend much time at full hookup parks and the few times I've looked at rates ($45-60 a night), I've kept on going down the road.

Most of the time, I far off the beaten path, staying in little county parks and USFS/BLM places where the biggest luxury is a well and some pit toilets :p, but the price is always right, $15-$0 a night :p.

Luanne-passionate about Margaret River said...

Great article and great photos as well! Camping is indeed fun especially when you are out with your family or with groups of friends!