Friday, April 8, 2011

Slide Topper/Awning Update

Received a response from Collier this morning, it’s looking like we’ll have to replace the entire awning with a new one. Problem is cost and next is the new ones don’t mount the same way so we have to figure out how to cover the holes from the previous brackets.

The slide topper/awning did indeed lock when it was new and there is supposed to be a warning sticker right above the slide in/out switch. I cleaned off some residue after we bought the rig from above the switch, now I know what was there. So they pulled off the sticker and hoped we would never figure it out I guess. It is possible the dealer got it this way, but they shouldn’t have sold it this way, it’s dangerous! Steaming mad

I also received the operating manual for the slide topper/awning from Holiday Rambler/Monaco this morning and saw the information below. I’m a bit angry right now… I want to call the dealer and raise holy Cain but I know it won’t get me anywhere. Time to take a breath and figure this all out.

Lock Warning

Lock Mechanism


Donna K said...

It's never easy is it? Sorry for your troubles and hope things get straightened out soon. Dealers can be a pain - and many don't give a rat's tiny behind about the customer once they make that sale. Not all are like that but some are and it's an unfortunate reflection on all of them.

Erik's RV Blog said...

Donna K,

Agreed, I also found out from Collier I can't buy my own awning and have them install it because they won't warranty it. Ugh. I may just tell them to forget the repair and I'll find a way to handle it on my own. I can buy any number of slide awnings for less than $350.00, problem is the holes won't match.

Big Matt said...

When patching the old holes, get some 3M 5200 Marine Adhesive Caulk, sand paper and some clear epoxy or color agents to dye it to match.

Sand the opening's lip and immediate area, then spritz a tiny bit of water into the holes and then fill to just below the surface with 3M 5200 (It requires moisture to activate the curing process, hence the tiny spritz of water).

Let the 5200 cure, then cap the holes using the epoxy. West Marine sells coloring additives that you can use to make the epoxy match the existing paint colors in the area, then fill the hole flush.

When you install the new slide awning be sure to locate studs to anchor it into and then bed the brackets in SikaFlex sealant to ensure they don't produce leaks when installed. Pump some SikaFlex into the new drilled out lag holes for the new topper brackets before inserting the bolts, so that it squeeze out a little around the heads during tightening.

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