Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saturday, Sunny Finally, Time To Get OUTSIDE!!

Got up this morning to a beautiful Saturday sunny morning. I love watching the sun come up but I didn’t this morning because I was asleep! Smile with tongue out Woohoo! I typically sleep very little when we are away from home and up until last night it was no different. Typically I snooze for a few minutes maybe get lucky enough to get an hour straight but last night I got 4 hours of straight sleep mixed in with naps so for me, an excellent night!

The past few days have been windy and rainy so we have been staying inside. We only went out to get parts to repair two different leaks which seem to be holding up for now. I’m going to hit the shower after this post so we’ll see how it does for that, it’s the only part of the water system we haven’t used since I completed repairs last night.

I know I blogged about the repair but I didn’t mention how we got the parts. Yesterday we stopped at J&J RV Sales in East Moline, IL because they had the exact part we needed to fix the hot water heater leak and they were very friendly. While there I snapped some pictures of some old rigs that I found interesting, but my wife considered them unworthy of photographing. Disappointed smile She is telling me as I write this why she finds them uninteresting, blah blah blah blah blah… I hear her but can’t understand her words. Angel  I can hear you typing your blog over there ya know! She is trying to beat me to posting her preemptive strike about old RV’s blah blah blah blah she is attacking those keys and cackling like a witch, more blah blah blah blah Confused smile .…. she’ll explain the RV lot dance we did I’m sure. Where was I….

Here are a bunch of old rigs that I found interesting because each one has a history to tell. Some you can tell have lived rough lives and continue to do so.

One of my favorite older rigs is the Foretravel Grand Villa, at it’s time it was one of the best on the road, heck I’d still like to have one!

SAM_1963  SAM_1964

SAM_1965  SAM_1966

I honestly have no idea what this one is, but look at that face!


I remember the first motorhome I ever rode in. The President of our hockey league had a GMC motorhome from 1975 I believe, but I can’t remember which model it was. It was very much like this GMC Eleganza II.

SAM_1975  SAM_1968

Here is another strange one from Fleetwood, the “Limited”.

SAM_1972  SAM_1971

An old Tiffin “Open Road”


         Unknown, can’t make out the label.  This one is “The Executive”

SAM_1984  SAM_1991

Another unknown, this one is definitely still being used.


Here is a very nice “Barth” motorhome.

SAM_1989  SAM_1990

Finally, the “Kayot”, they had two of these there.


I don’t know why these old motorhomes fascinate me so much. Ronda calls it an obsession but I don’t agree. I just love old things, I love to look at 1930’s era tube radios with the same fascination. They all have a story to tell and by looking at them you get a sense of what those stories might have been.

Till next time… uhhh she is still typing away over there…. Nyah-Nyah


Sue and Doug said...

those old 'beauties had their day'..and they have paved the way for all the 'fancy shcmancy' rigs on the road today!!..keep taking photos of whatever you want!..enjoy the weekend!!!

Rae said...

I hear you run behind cars real well too. Now I would pay to have that on video. I am still smiling thinking about you waving your arms and chasing Ronda.

Erik's RV Blog said...

Sue and Doug, I remember back then how modern they looked. I wonder if we'll feel the same way about the current rigs with all of their swirls and flat faces in 20 years!

Rae, it was funny, I would see her Escape going down one row so I ran over and waved my arms and no response. She went down another row and I almost got there before she did but didn't, she went right by and that's where I yelled for her to stop and she kept going.

I think it's possible had I made it there before her she would have simply run me over, with a smirk on her face saying ops! :)~

JoJo said...

Thanks for the pics old things are so cool. I think it came with my age. LOL

Diana said...

I'm that way with houses. I'm fascinated with old abandoned houses!
Hope things are going well.
Love Di ♥

Erik's RV Blog said...

JoJo, Agreed!

Diana, I absolutely love checking out abandoned houses, farms and barns! It's been a long time since Ronda and I had the chance though.

Big Matt said...

The unknown rig looks like a mid 80s Bounder, built a Chevy built chassis and powered by a 454 Big block gas engine.