Saturday, April 23, 2011

RV Update, Checked Out A Bunch Of 5th Wheels Today

I decided on Monday of last week I wouldn’t call the dealer for updates, I figure when they have an update they’ll call me. No call came so this morning I drove there to check the rig out after the constant rains and high winds this week and to get an update. When I got there and asked for an update I got a blank stare from the guy behind the counter which makes sense since he wasn’t the guy handling my rig, that guy was off today.

Doh, I hadn’t thought of that. Embarrassed smile He looks everything over and from what he could tell they were able to find all the parts to repair our slide topper which is great news BUT, he isn’t 100% sure. So I have to hope my tech guy will actually give me an update since the parts were ordered on the 13th and should not take weeks to show up. I know this place is busy, it’s the start of a new season and as I explained to their tech guy when I was there this morning, I’m not asking it to be fixed right now or even to rush, just communicate.

We plan on going to Sugar Shores RV Resort this coming Friday if the rig is repaired or not. I explained to them that I have a way of locking the slide topper so I’ll just pick it up this Friday and drop it back off on Sunday, pretty much the same kind of thing we had to do for the entire season last year so we’re used to it, we hate being used to it but I feel better about Collier doing the work than the dealer we bought the rig from.

On the lighter side, I checked out a bunch of rigs today and came away very impressed. 5th wheels offer such a nice alternative layout that can really be open and easy to get used to. Montana and Raptor were the models I looked at and they were really nice and the quality was up there.

I also saw a 2008 Monaco Knight 40 SKU diesel pusher that was really nice and had a front kitchen layout that was well executed. If I was is in the market for a Class A this or the Holiday Rambler Imperial I saw last week would have been contenders for sure.

We’re looking forward to going camping next weekend, Sugar Shores RV Resort is our favorite local place to go to. Smile with tongue out Have a great weekend everybody!


Big Matt said...

Always good to have another camping trip lined up when things are being a bother.

Can't say I have anymore lined up, the finances just aren't there right now to do much travel.

Getting a decent birthday present, family member agreed to buy the remaining parts needed to complete my axle overhaul so I can begin the dually conversion on my truck.

Sue and Doug said...

nice to have a trip planned to look forward too!!..hope the repairs get done eventually!!

Jammin' Along said...

Don't forget to take pics! Looking forward to hearing about the camping trip. Cheers! ~M

Jammin' Along said...

By the way, we attended a show a while back and we noticed all the Class A diesels smelled. Couldn't quite figure out why or what it was but what a turn-off!

Unfortunately I think most dealers don't clean the rigs before showing them to prospective buyers. What a shame!

On the bright side I still love looking! :)
Thanks for stopping by my new blog. Cheers! ~M

Sorry for the double post! You can delete the other one.

Erik's RV Blog said...

Matt - Yeah the finances are tight everywhere. We're going to a local place just for the weekend so the hit on gas and stuff won't be too bad.

Sue and Doug - I hope so too, they are still waiting for parts so I'll just have to rig the slide topper lock until it gets fully repaired.

Jammin' Along - I'll take loads of pictures, this place is big so there will be plenty.

I love looking too, actually more than car shows nowadays since the wife like RV's as well so both of us can enjoy it.

Congrats on the new blog!

Diana said...

I hope things all work out for you Erik. You surely don't deserve all of the problems that you've had. And I hope that your next trip has some better weather for you!
Love Di ♥

Max Parker said...

I am just getting into RVing, and ind your stories very interesting....Hope you find the rig that will suit you best! All the best on your vacation to Sugar Shores RV Resort. Regards - Max Best Rated Cars Expert