Thursday, April 28, 2011

How To Play iTunes Music On A Droid & Live Mesh

Since I’m no longer using the iPhone and I have about 15gigs of music available, how to get it to work on my new Thunderbolt Android? Answer, I think, the new Amazon Cloud Drive!

Amazon Cloud

You get 5gigs free and can go up from there, not a bad deal. I’m uploading songs now so we’ll see how well that works.

I also use Microsoft’s Live Mesh which keeps 5 of my computers document folders, Outlook Signatures and Internet Explorer Favorites all synchronized as long as the folder isn’t larger than 5gigs. Not too shabby! Any new documents are now available at any of my computers as long as they are online. The sync happens near instantly.

                   This is what Live Mesh looks like while it’s running.


For full timers with PC cards for internet connectivity this could be a burden on the limits but if you have an unlimited plan, this would work great. Of course one way around it is to find a Starbucks and do the first sync there and let it just keep up with the PC cards going forward. Smile with tongue out


Rae said...

Great info. I need to check into Live Mesh. I am forever trying to sync the computers on my network. Sounds like a good solution.

Laura said...

I see more and more of these free hosting sites. Isn't anyone worried about putting their personal data "out there"? or am I just being paronoid? It sure would be nice to get certain data backed up off-site.

Tcloud said...

Eric Please keep the classes up on the Thunderbolt. I just got one and its way to smart for me. I am going to a verizon class this morning to see if I can learn how to use it.
Do you know anything about the bar code scanner?
I tried at A book store and the price of the book was 24.00 but the scanner said walmart had it for 16.00 but the walmart was 60 miles away. I said nothing about the two walmarts in town.

Thanks Don and Barb

Erik's RV Blog said...

Tcloud - I haven't used the bar code scanner software yet but I'm excited to when we go to the store next. There are many websites out there that explain the Android system.

Here is a forum of users that ask and answer questions about this phone. Keep in mind, if you're not used to forums the people with the issues make the most noise, that doesn't mean it's a bad phone. Every phone on the planet has a forum of users that love and hate it. But they are great for getting fast help.

Tcloud said...

Thanks Erik. Please keep us posted on what you learn about the slide topper and how the new phone works.