Sunday, April 10, 2011

House “Bucket List”….

While waiting for the verdict on the repairs to our awning and water pump I figured I would get a list of items I need to attend to in the ‘ol sticks and bricks house we own. I know it’s not really a bucket list, but I like the name.

Outside Stuff:

1. Clean up the front yard, the dog has pretty much ruined the front yard and winter has done her fair share of damage as well. I need to fill some holes the dog dug and spread some top soil and put down some seed so I can get the yard to the beauty it typically is.

2. Cut up the tree that was knocked down by a previous storm a few months ago. This will provide serious wood supply for camping this year.

3. Repair the brick deck out back, clean out the grass/weeds from the rock beds that surrounds it and level the bricks again and replace the plastic border that surrounds it. This will be a big job.

4. Get our town to finally fill the hole next to the storm drain, they used to come out and fill the hole whenever the sink hole would form but they haven’t responded for over a year. Maybe if I broke my leg they’d respond? They own this as they keep telling me when I ask to put up a shed. Disappointed smile

5. Rake and prepare for summer, put down Spring weed and feed for the lawn and repair the West facing spigot that broke last Fall.

6. Clean the garage, it’s a disgusting mess.

Inside Stuff:

1. Finish the bathroom I started, I fully gutted this bathroom in 2009 and stopped working on it when my Mother died. I bought a new tool that will help me remove the few thousand staples they used to put down the sub floor, it’s almost like they got paid per staple, it’s overkill on a new scale. Disappointed smile

2. De-clutter the basement and the “cats room” which is also now the catch all room and trust me, it has caught it all!!

3. Paint the dining room, foyer, living room and the walls leading upstairs. This is another big job that will require ample time to complete.

4. Clean Berber carpet in the dining room, living room and stairs. Remind myself to never buy Berber again!!

RV Stuff: Why not include this, it’s stuff to do right?

1. Repair slide topper awning if the price is too high from the dealer.

2. Get water pump fixed and water system tested, Scott’s RV is caring for this.

3. Clean the remaining basement bins on the driver side of the rig.

4. Change engine and generator oil.

5. Replace 4 rear tires.

6. Wash and wax the rig, pray my arms don’t fall off while in the process.



Sue and Doug said...

sounds like quite the 'bucket list' had better get back to work and get off the computer!!

Alan and Marilyn McMillan said...

WOW...that's quite a list -- now that you've got it in black-and-white, you'll be able to check it off as you go:) Sounds like a plan!

Rae said...

You've got quite a list of projects there. I have a list too and it keeps getting longer. I'm still looking for my magic wand to wave it all done. So far not much luck. Hope you have much better success.

Kevin and Ruth said...

You have given yourself quite the list. Sounds like you could use extra help with some of that.
The last on your list sounds like the most fun. Good Luck with it all.

Levonne said...

You're gonna be busy for a while! Have fun! A lot of that work will require a bucket!

Merikay said...

My husband is working on a bathroom he gutted in 2001! I'm working on all the rest.

You will probably be on the market before us.

Donna K said...

That's a lotta work. Hope you don't have to 'work your way down' to the camping!

Big Matt said...

Not really a bucket list, but I did accomplish the vacuuming, and washing of both the camper and truck today. Took a while to wash all of the mud and gravel out of the truck bed that had worked its way under the two sheets of plywood.

Tomorrow, I re-mate camper and truck, check to see what's stopped working this time around, then finish sanitizing the front water tank and load up the firewood and generator supplies on the front cargo rack.

Then, the only thing left to do on Thursday will be to pull the truck forward, climb underneath and install the step hitch and head out to fill the gas and propane.