Saturday, February 12, 2011

Things That Make You Go Hmmmmmm…..

My wife believes I look at RV’s too much, she’s probably right as I do love to look at them and see what possibilities there are for the future. I feel the more I look the more ideas I’ll get for our current rig since we will be keeping it for awhile. (ok, so that’s what I say anyway!)

I see the more expensive the rig the more of them have the TV in the dining area where it’s harder to see and they almost always have two couches which makes no sense to me.

Take this picture for example, this is the interior of a 2011 Newmar Dutch Star. Look where the TV is, I don’t know about you but this just seems to be in the way of the wife's domain, only a man would design something like this. Don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of respect for Newmar but this is a fault of many of the luxury brands out today, not just Newmar. So, when the wife and I will finally be able to afford a newer rig this type of setup will be out of the question.


I like the ones that have a desk built in, call me old fashioned but put the TV up front, heck make it be attached to the ceiling so I can lower it now we’re talking! Our TV is mounted in the dashboard and when we drive the weight causes the dash to noticeably shimmy up and down as we drive. I catch myself holding the top left of the TV to keep it still even though the coach was designed this way. Still, I’d like to toss that pile of crap old TV for a proper HD LCD. So I’m going to remove the TV this Spring and see what our options are. This summer we will make this pain in the ass RV our own and if I could win a stereo sound quality competition I can surely figure out how to get this set up properly and so it looks factory. Another reason why I look at a lot of RV’s online. Nyah-Nyah

Oh yeah! 50 Days, 10 hours, 11 minutes and 10 seconds!! Rolling on the floor laughing



Merikay said...

Funny, I've never liked the idea of the up front TV. Of course I have never had either!

My brother said they now use a flat screen tat they set on the dinette in the evening. I'm not sure what his other configurations are.

Erik's RV Blog said...

Agreed, up front can be a hassle as well but it's out of the way and veiwable by everybody. The idea of using the old TV location for storage of some kind has crossed our minds as well and possibly placing the TV on top of the dash when in use and then put away when we're done.

DeanO said...

Looks more like a 5 star hotel...

Donna aka Froggi said...

Hey...a photo of Loki with open eyes!! LOL!

I like our fifth wheel setup...the tv is across from the living area...BIG screen so my old, tired, nearsighted eyes can see it. It's beside the frig, above the electric fireplace and below the shelving for the other entertainment misc stuff.

We eat on the sofa...the dining table is stuck in the corner, used for Stu's computer, next to a filing cabinet, my computer desk and the dog crate (doubles as my end table beside the sofa).

Kitchen has a peninsula so plenty of room there. We ever move to a MH, it's going to be difficult. I can't see the little TVs in the front of the rigs and I refuse to have to crane my neck to the side to watch tv either!

Erik's RV Blog said...


Yeah, they better for the money right? :)

Erik's RV Blog said...


I have seen some Class A's with a similar config with the TV above a fake fireplace on the opposite side of the couch, this would be hard to do on our rig I think though but something to consider in the future!

The new Coachman Encounter has an excellent layout but an ugly front end. It has the best interior layout I have ever seen on a Class A gasser though!