Saturday, February 19, 2011

RV Show Impressions

The wife and I hit the 43rd Chicago RV Show today. If you’re into travel trailers & Fifth Wheels then this was the show for you. If you were in the market for a Class A then you weren’t going to have much to look at. This show was much smaller than years past, considering how much better the RV industry is doing I would think more companies would have shown up to show off their gear.

Tiffin was there with a Phaeton, an Allegro Bus, a Breeze and an Allegro gasser. The Phaeton was very very nice but the Allegro Bus, holy Toledo!! The build quality is VERY impressive, and if I was i n the market to full time and had the money, the Allegro Bus would be on the short list. I wanted to sit in the drivers seat but too many kids were climbing in and out of the rigs and the seats to get a chance. It looked very comfortable, probably best I didn’t sit, I’d probably fall in love for sure.

It would have been nice to see other Class A’s from other companies to compare to in the same price range but it was either those high end models or the Mirada and Encounter Coachmen’s and while I do like the interior of the Encounter the build quality isn’t what I expect but then the price point is much lower than it was in 1999 when ours was new so what can you expect?

I don’t think we’ll go to another show this year, at least not in the Chicago area. Maybe in a few years when more new models come out and hopefully the economy picks up some more.


Disco le joli coco said...

Comment il s'appelle le joli chien ?

Erik's RV Blog said...

Sorry, I have no idea what you just said.

Phyllis said...

A few months after we bought our Montana fiver we went to the Atlantic City Show. We saw a Cedar Creek we liked MORE and it cost LESS!

Yup, there is always something else how there that grabs ones attention.

Sue and Doug said...

I think they are asking the name of your dog???

Merikay said...

Tiffin is on my short list, hopefully there will be a nice gently used one out there for us when the time comes!

Diana said...

I'm sorry Erik but when you mention the R.V. show, all that I could think of is Lucille Ball and Desi Arnez in "The long, long trailer".
It sounds like you didn't have as much fun as you would have liked to. Maybe the timing just wasn't right.
Love Di ♥

JoJo said...

I read that more people are looking into and buying TT because of the economy and the gas prices. I guess thats why they didn't have to many MH. Me I like the ease of the MH home. Hitching and unhitching is not for me and I could never get the hang of backing those things up.

Erik's RV Blog said...

Phyllis, they had some incredible Fivers there that you probably would have loved!

Sue, thanks, Disco our dog's name is Loki.

Merikay, yeah Tiffin is aweseom but we would have to be banking some serious coin to ever afford the Allegro Bus!

Diana, The wife and I watched the "Long long trailer" a few months ago and laughed our butts off. We would have had more fun I think if we went during the week when less people are there. It was pretty crowded.

JoJo, the wife and I have no interest in dragging a traler either. If I owned a truck then possibly but that won't happen. So it's Motorhomes forever for us! :)

RV Vagabonds said...

Our friends went to a RV show down here in the RGV (Rio Grande Valley) and there was only one motorhome sitting among the TTs and 5ers, apparently. In other areas of the country, Class As rule. Can't explain it, other than the fact that the motorhomes are a higher initial outlay for those folks who already have a pick up truck they could use for hauling a trailer.

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