Monday, February 28, 2011

I’m So Glad I filled Her Up! Nudder Gov’t Rant

Gas has jumped 10 cents since yesterday, they are projecting near $4.00 by end of March per the news in Chicago so had I waited until then it would have cost me $132.00 instead of the $113.00 I did pay for 33 gallons of regular unleaded. If it goes to $5.00 that’s $165 for less than half a tank!!

A few countries in the Middle East go nuts and gas prices soar and who profits from this spike? The US Government, people blame big oil as Hillary Clinton said “windfall profits” yet big oil averages 6 to 7% profit while the Government makes 18% in profit (taxes), who makes the windfall profits? Anybody in Government said they will lower the tax so people can afford to get to work? Silence…. I’m no fan of the oil companies but lets keep it real, if big oil is so corrupt the Government is doing its very best to make them look like pikers in comparison.

Big oil makes a windfall profit because of volume but if my company only made 6% in profit we would be hesitant to put as much into R&D as the “big bad oil companies” do. Guess what, if they allowed more drilling here how many jobs would be created, how many jobs would be SAVED?? Instead we let other countries do the dirty work because we don’t want to dirty our soil, tell me, is paying somebody else to dirty theirs any better?

Anyway, not trying to piss people off and I know the break down isn’t as simple as that but I’m sick of hearing people in Government screaming about the oil companies and then these same people get in bed with lobbyists behind closed doors, make a bunch of deals, then open the door and start screaming again. Hypocrites.

Canada sells us more oil than any other country, when the media talks about oil production have you ever heard them say we’ll ask Canada to up production? Nope, always the Middle East! Countries like Norway know how to extract oil, that country is doing a fantastic job of leveraging their oil reserves and what do we do? We refuse to drill more here and when countries like Norway offer to help us with our drilling platforms, we refuse!!

We insist on going “GREEN TECH” yet what do they propose? Electric cars, great idea right? Plugged into what grid, the one we have that is so close to collapse? It’s laughable! Where do Hybrid batteries go when they die? Recycling right? Wrong, a good portion end up in dumps right next to the computers that were supposed to be recycled!  How about Hydrogen? Only emissions are water so perfect right? Wrong, in order to produce Hydrogen you remove CARBON and guess where that goes, right into the atmosphere.

I agree that some day we need to get off of oil, but forcing us to endure ridiculous prices that people on fixed incomes or low incomes can’t ever hope to afford helps who? We have enough oil here to rid ourselves of this dependence on the Middle Eastern countries and Iraq has a huge debt to us so let them pay that off in oil, if people say “see the war was about oil”, great let them but get that oil flowing and start letting the US produce it’s own oil, natural gas and coal without threatening them with taxes that will drive them out of business. I mean for &^%$ sakes really, tax them out of existence?? Who the hell says that and has no plan to replace it??

Government has done a great job of ONE thing, putting business OUT OF BUSINESS including killing a good portion of the business my company was doing. I am so utterly sick of Government encroachment into our lives I can’t tell you. Every time someone in Government opens their mouth and tells us what they’re going to do to help “US” I cringe and pray it doesn’t get passed.

End of rant… I hope I didn’t step on too many nerves, just saying it the way I see it.


Sue and Doug said...

diesel in our neighbourhood is $1.26 a litre..times 3.78 =$4.76 a gallon!..geesh..dang oil companies!

Merikay said...

Ranting doesn't hurt. It doesn't help much either.

Lois Evensen said...