Thursday, December 30, 2010

Working From Home

Not many people have the ability to work from home so when I get to do it I try to be as productive as possible. I try not to get distracted and I try to troubleshoot and improve my companies network so people can work faster and safer while on the road or working from home.

Today I’m trying to complete a new FTP Server but support from the company we bought the software from is almost impossible to get this week so it’s frustrating as heck. I want to be able to roll this out when we get back into the office on Monday but it’s looking like I may not be able to.

Just a rant for today, oh yeah, somebody is trying very hard to hack into this new server but they haven’t been able to… YET. Thankfully the server is pretty robust with security but like anything that presents a log in screen, it’s just a matter of time. So I have some work cut out for me.



happy 'work at home' day!!!

Erik's RV Blog said...

Thanks BIGDAWG!!! :)

Working from home tomorrow too!


Big Matt said...

Personally, I'm more partial to an SSH/SFTP 128bit Encrypted connection vs an unencrypted FTP connection any day of the week. :).

Erik's RV Blog said...

FTP, SFTP, FTPS, HTTPS and unfortunately HTTP are all methods I have to support for my clients to send and retrieve data.

Some clients have little or no IT so I have to build for as many scenarios as possible.