Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Walking To Work From Union Station & RV Update

Quick body shop update, the rig is in the refinishing booth starting tomorrow…….. nuts Annoyed

Anyway, our company moved into the city in February of this year and I always had the problem of my eyes watering badly during the walk. So by the time I got to the office, after walking about a mile my face would be soaked and near frozen. The rest of me runs warm so is fine but my face and eyes, frozen.

So, the wife bought me mountain glasses so they can block the wind from assaulting my eyes every day going back and forth to the train station. They are Julbo model Mountain Explorer XL (I have a big melon).


The glasses came in last night and I tried them out this morning. They did an ok job but they have vents that allow air to blow through so I need to block a few of them, otherwise it was nice to get into work this morning without having to dry my face off and thaw out. It was the coldest morning so far and very windy so it worked out well. Last negative, they block A LOT of light so unless the sun is out it seems pretty dark so walking to the train in a few minutes is going to be interesting.

Edit: I was able to adjust the glasses and they worked perfectly for both the walk to Union Station (almost a mile) and the walk to my car which is about two blocks, whew!smile


Andy said...

We really need to give up this working stuff...LOL Interferes with the travel plans.

Stay warm.

Erik's RV Blog said...

Agreed big time! My wife plays the Lotto once a week, I keep telling her if she wants to fulltime sooner rather than later she needs to step up and win the damn thing already....

The glasses worked perfectly going to the train station. There is a cord that comes off of the arms with a stopped, you draw the strings tight behind your head and the glasses fit more snug and no wind gets in, so nice to walk now!