Friday, December 3, 2010

Hitch Itch, We Want To Go Camping!

I’ve been reading a lot of blogs lately and one common theme amongst the full-timers is hitch itch when they stay in one place for too long. Now, mind you, I have aspirations of going full time but in reality, it’s just a dream for the wife and I right now so it’s a long way off unless something amazing happens. Either way, we have hitch itch in a major way, the rig is in the shop still, we haven’t been able to use it in two months and winter is here.

So we’re feeling sorry for ourselves right now. Crying face I typically love winter but not this year, this year we wish fall could have been extended 6 months straight into next Spring. I may try to talk my wife into going to Geneseo this winter and see how the rig does in cold weather. I just need to verify what they have available there during the off season if anything.

Just airing out my thoughts, we miss the RV much more than we thought we would. Crying I’ll shut up now….


Sue and Doug said...

you don't need to shut up..we feel the same way...we miss it terribly!..just counting down the months!!..and trying to keep life interesting!

Erik's RV Blog said...

I meant shutting up because it was my third blog for the day. So much on my mind I could write several per day but hold back.

The next 4 months or so there won't be much RV stuff to talk about.


Big Matt said...

Yer still being more productive than me, my blogging rate has kinda slowed to a crawl.