Monday, December 6, 2010

Body Shop Update

Just got a call from the owner of the body shop. They removed the windshields and found they were too small in the middle. So they checked with several companies and found that the correct windshields were installed and that it’s possible the company making them is making them a tad bit smaller or Holiday Rambler made the front cap openings too big by a little bit.

They’re going to have to do something to insure the windshields are snug enough to not leak now or into the future. They are sending me pictures of the work completed so far tonight or tomorrow. At this point I’m more concerned about leaks than how well they painted the front bumper.

Hopefully this Saturday it will be at a point we can do the full leak test and we’ll be one step closer to being able to pick it up. If there are pictures tomorrow I’ll post them. Step by step, slowly I turn…….

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