Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Bee’s Knees & A Letter From My Sister In Law

You know, life is funny, I’ve never been comfortable sharing my feelings but after reading the blog “The Bee’s Knees” you get a different perspective. Meghan died of cancer earlier this year, I recommend her blog, it’s inspiring and teaches you a few things. So, I read the whole thing which will bring you to tears so get some Kleenex. Hard to feel sorry for myself after reading her story.

I also received an email letter from my sister-in-law Lisa. Came from left field for sure, I never expected anything like what she wrote. She explained about the death of her father and how it affected her and how she was thinking about me knowing what I must be going through. It was sweet, kind and has lifted my spirit more than she will ever know. I’m going to give her a big hug next time I see her.


DeanO said...

Ah yes...a leaking RV. I know that well but for us the RV shop wanted more money then we could even consider to repair. I trust your repair job is good to go. Have fun on the road and "Merry Christmas you old humbug" Scrooge

Erik's RV Blog said...

Yeah, it went well today, I'm going to post something about it in the morning. What was wrong with yours that it would cost so much?

Have a good one DeanO!