Thursday, May 12, 2016

A Trip Back To October 16th 2015

Last year my Doctor diagnosed me with Basal Carcinoma on my nose and Melanoma in 2 places on my back. I had surgery to remove them so during this time the RV sat with the slides open for most of the season.

On Friday October 16th last year I was well enough to clean up the mess. This is what it looked like... walnut trees are a real pain in the rear.

Here are the pictures of the 8 hour cleaning process.

I power washed it and then scrubbed it.... this season, we put the slides in and I'll be cleaning the roof once a month so I don't have to repeat this nasty mess again! 


Life with Lynnie said...

I praise God you had the surgery you needed, and are okay enough to do things you need to do. I'll pray for healing. Blessings, Lynn

Erik's RV Blog said...

Thanks Lynn! :)