Sunday, April 17, 2016

Great start to new season!

It cost is plenty to get the black and gray tank valves replaced, the leveling jacks pump replaced, fancy schmancy fluid added to make the hydraulic system stronger (why isn't it used by the factory?) and the black and gray tanks have new seals to prevent leaks, also the electronics for the power loss were worked on. We still need the main cabin AC unit replaced but I'm going to do that myself.

We paid the $2,800 repair bill, I argued, I fought to get it lowered but in the end the bill could have been higher. My new service writer worked with me and did a 1,000 times better job than the previous guy. We spent Thursday night in the rig and heard no pops from the leveling system, a FIRST since we bought the rig in July of 2013.

The RV was delivered on time, it leveled itself perfectly, by the way, Leibert blames the driveway at the campground for the hydraulic problems! Anyway, after spending the weekend in the rig, filling the black and gray tanks we can report no leaks! Also, the tank drain valves operate easily now, when new they didn't work this well.

I left the tanks as full as possible for the week, when we get there next weekend I'll fill them up more Friday night and Saturday morning I'll check them again and we'll see how it goes then.

This was the first time since we bought the Montana 3725RL in July of 2013 that we had a weekend without issues! It felt good just locking it up for the week, so this is what it feels like! :)

We'll see how it goes next weekend!


Big Matt said...

Isn't it using a Lippert frame? Which is well known for issues with their products since time immemorial.

Erik's RV Blog said...

Yep and yep!!