Friday, September 5, 2014

Life & RV Update

On May 15th I was notified my employment would end at the company I was working for. Considering I was originally only supposed to be there for two weeks back in September of 2002 I am happy to have made it 12 years.

I had a job interview yesterday and received an official offer today so my 3.5 month run of unemployment is officially over!

We are at the campground for our yearly vacation which ends this Sunday, perfect timing. Smile

I start the new job on Monday. There are 5 sites I’ll be managing and it will be challenging and rewarding.

I can’t wait!!

RV Update, the RV goes in on October 15th to have the final 2 warranty items repaired and to find out where the water is coming from that is laying on the belly of the RV. It’s a cover that seals the under-carriage and one side has water in it, there are no leaks so I think this was left over from when they had the tank open to repair the seal. We’ll see, until then we are enjoying what’s left of the season!


Andy said...

Congrats Erik on the new gig. Here's to Monday being the start of another long run.

JO said...

I'm so happy for your to have found a new job and really didn't take all that long. I hope you have many years there.

Hope you vacation was everything it needed to be. I guess once they move the RV back to the dealer for repairs it will then be stored for the winter. Hopefully winter will bring me some camping trips.

Erik's RV Blog said...

Thanks Andy, I'm looking forward to it!

Erik's RV Blog said...


Thanks! I hope you're able to have some great winter camping! For us, there is no way to do it, no truck yet!

Have a great weekend!

Steinar Andersen said...

Congrats Erik. Glad to see you succeed and I know your tenure there will be long and accomplished.

Erik's RV Blog said...

Thanks Steinar!

Cristina Hamilton said...

Congrats on the new job! It seems everything is turning out perfectly, including the repair of your RV. I hope you’ll get this thing running smooth again soon. Have a great and safe winter camping trip, and keep us updated about your RV repair. Cheers!

Cristina Hamilton @ Mount Comfort RV