Wednesday, August 27, 2014

RV Update

Got home from the RV delivery today. They dropped the idea of charging me for warranty work. We had a very extensive discussion, I explained they were wrong and kept explaining until they agreed. I can be persuasive when I need to be. To be fair, I told them to explain this policy so I understand it because I wasn't trying to get away with free work, they agreed I have never abused the warranty so... they will weigh that going forward. I hope they do for other people as well.

Well, the warranty has expired so aside from the two items left everything will be charged going forward. I'm not sure if I would buy from them again, we'll have to see how it goes from here on out. I don’t like sneaky, I’m honest with people, it’s not too much to ask they do the same.

I get into the rig after helping the driver place the rig in our spot and find they didn't fix the LED's, they forgot, they also left the toilet filled with water so when the rig was delivered the water went all over the bathroom. Had fun cleaning that up for a good 10 minutes.

The new counter top looks nice and the automatic jacks seem to function properly. I'm going to fix the LED's myself and the rig goes back October 15th so they will replace the storage door and pocket door at that point. The good part is they are nice people, the drivers who deliver the RV are fantastic and always go above and beyond so I do appreciate good work when it's done.

We have family coming this weekend, our nephew Tyler is coming back from the Navy for a short leave so Friday and Saturday I need to get the site cleaned up, get wood stacked and then clean the RV. This time I plan on taking pictures! I'll post some next week. Smile


JO said...

Good for you to stink to your guns. At least you have the rig back for this weekend. You better take pictures. Have a great GTG with family and nephew.

JO said...

oops stick, not stink, it wouldn't let me fix it

Erik's RV Blog said...


We now have a water leak under the rig, it looks like the dealer broke something.... we'll see, I'm taking the belly cover off tomorrow to see what's going on under there.