Sunday, May 11, 2014

New Customer Gaming PC

I got an order for a new system this past week. I don’t usually post them here but this one has an interesting case I haven’t used before. Corsair Carbide Air 540 case, Intel i7-4770K, Noctua CPU cooler, MSI MPower Max motherboard, G-Skill Rip-Jaws 32gigs PC2400 memory, EVGA GTX 780Ti 3.5gig video card, Intel 530 Series 240 gig SSD, WD Black Series 2TB hard drive and EVGA Supernova 1000watt PSU.

I wanted to go RAID0 on dual SSD’s but the budget was maxed out, the video card was almost $800.00 by itself!

This machine is going to scream if the Overclock comes out as well as I’m hoping, possibly 4.6GHz with air cooling alone. I may swap out the Noctua for a Corsair HSi100 liquid cooler.


EVGA Classified NVidia GTX 780Ti, one of the baddest video cards on the planet.


Intel SSD in it’s Western Digital “Ice Pack” mount.                                


EVGA 1000 watt Supernova power supply.


Audio has headphone amplifier built in and is isolated from the other circuits.


That Noctua CPU cooler is massive!


Here it sits until tonight when we get back home from camping, I’ll be installing the OS and software then it begins a 3 days straight burn in process to test for stability and speed. Then it will be delivered to it’s new owner on Thursday who will hopefully be thrilled with it. Smile



Rod Ivers said...

That thing has so many fans, you might have to fasten it to the table... otherwise it might take off and hoover..... LOL

Rod Ivers said...

Ha... try Hover Not Hoover but then maybe it can be a vacuum too.....

Erik's RV Blog said...


You'd think it would be loud but this thing is almost silent. The system spools the fans up as the demand for more cooling kicks in like during a heavy game but during normal work, very quiet.