Monday, May 5, 2014

Great Weekend Camping

We had a great get together this weekend with family and friends. I installed new deck lights which cast a funny glow on the side of the rig. Ronda made her signature pork chops and Saturday night we all sat around until about 10:30 talking about everything, except politics! Smile





JO said...

OH the good life. Doesn't feel great to get out again?

Sue B said...

sounds like it was a good weekend! glad you got to enjoy yourselves!!

Big Matt said...

Still haven't had a chance to light off a nice fire in our fire pit yet, finally got the grass in our site mowed and the area around the firepit looks decent again.

On the search now for a Shishi-odoshi and a stone lantern to put in to finish the major installation work in the little japanese corner garden area.

Then the yard will take a break long enough for me to get my truck back in service so we can get a couple loads of decorative rock to finish up the planting beds.

Erik's RV Blog said...


It sure does!! Happy early Mothers Day!

Sue B,

Thanks, this weekend being Mothers Day we are doing it again! :) Happy early Mothers Day!


Sounds good, can't wait to see pictures!