Monday, March 3, 2014

The Swedish Flame

This was posted on Facebook, it looked pretty cool so I thought I would share.

The Swedish Flame, also known as a Canadian Candle, is a great way to set up a fire as it uses only one log, has a flat cooking surface and is self feeding, meaning it can burn for several hours without any attention. Cut the log into wedges, leaving about 6 inches at the base. Add a cap full of lamp oil or some tinder to the center.



JO said...

That looks really cool.
I noticed that when using the desk top my comments seem to go south somewhere. Lets see if it happens on the laptop using google.

I had thanked you in a post awhile back and when I looked it wasn't there. So thank you once again.

Big Matt said...

Definitely neat, but also definitely will only work with very well aged wood that is tinder dry.