Sunday, February 9, 2014

HP 8600 Pro Premium Review – Updated

Quick update to the review, the printer now doesn’t print anything… it’s a $370.00 boat anchor, not even two years old yet and kaput.

HP’s reaction? I SHOULD HAVE PRINTED MORE! My previous HP 8450 is 10 years old, it has seen only 145 pages in that 10 years and the ink is 5 years old. I printed out a picture yesterday as good as any high quality photo printer can make and HP says I should print more. With the price of toner you’d think it could handle sitting a while but the toner in the printer is new, the printer sees it as new but is unable to print more than a few dots so per HP I let it sit so it went bad, BULL*^$T. Disappointed smile

The cost to repair the printer, about what it’s worth so I’m calling a recycling place to see what they’ll give for it. The saying they don’t make them like they used to works here… this is my last HP printer.

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