Tuesday, February 11, 2014

HP 8600 Premium TORTURE, Hours Spent For Nothing

I thought I could at least use the HP 8600 Premium printer for scanning or faxing… oh no, now all it does it toss out this GENERIC WORTHLESS error message and since this pile of complete and utter crap is just out of warranty HP says they are so sorry for my failed printer, have I blown $130.00 on new ink the support person asks, YES! Did I buy a new print head for $40.00, YES, did I clean this, reset that? YES! I even tried a Fonz smack down as a last resort, unlike the jukebox the printer is still stupidly giving the same error. Well if the Fonz smack doesn’t do it…

Her last question? Have I seen the new models? New models? THIS IS the new model!! Current price for this turd of electronic crap is $399.00 for the N911n model I have. I checked out the HP support forum for you know whats and giggles, there are I don’t know how many people with the exact same problem as I have and HP’s forum support people have no idea what to do but point people to the worthless user guide or to tell them to buy new $400.00 printers.. so I guess $400.00 printers are now disposable after a year of use. After trying hours of different things… still getting this generic error that helps nobody solve the problem.


Contact HP, that’s funny right there, India answers your call with a script, guess what the script lacks, TROUBLESHOOTING IDEAS!!! After I post this, I am carrying that brand new looking pile of complete HP CRAP and throwing it in the trash.

Stay tuned for a picture of it in the trash can.. I couldn’t wait, I put my fist through the top of the unit…. see pictures below.


Bye bye junk… I even had the box!!


One punch did this, broke the scanner and blew out the glass… plastic JUNK.




JO said...

Like I said no more HP's for me.
I thought I had your e-mail but no I was wrong. can you e-mail me? so I can let you what the HP dog is giving me for why it doesn't work. And thanks for the offer to help with this dog.

Erik's RV Blog said...

JO - I put the email in your last post comment section. I also gave some advice on using Live Writer. :)

Bob said...

Even though we have an HP printer and an HP scanner, both of which refuse to die, I would never buy HP ever again.
Had an HP PC once upon a time. Worked OK for a few years, but then the power supply conked out. BUT, the power supply was HP specific, and would have cost almost as much as a new tower. Power supplies are normally dirt cheap, as you well know.
Went to the dump.

Erik's RV Blog said...

Bob - I have so many HP devices at work and home that it pained me a lot to blog like I did but when something is bad I believe in letting people know.

Not only are they sucking eggs in the consumer space they are doing so in the Enterprise as well.

My 10 year old HP 8450 Photosmart printer still prints excellent photos... I wish HP would go back to how they used to be, unfortunately it looks like they are going down the toilet....