Monday, November 4, 2013

Upgraded The Laptop, Time For The Phone

The business laptop is working great, 32gigs of 1600mhz memory plus a top notch Quad Core i7-3740QM CPU, fast GPU and an Intel 520 240gig SSD really makes for a very fast machine. Showing up at a clients office with such a machine doesn’t hurt either!

As for the phone, my HTC Thunderbolt that I got late March 2011 was pretty fast, until Verizon upgraded it in April of this year which slowed it down to a crawl. The 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich OS was designed for newer phones and the Thunderbolt just didn’t adjust well to it. It became slow, sluggish and it drank batteries very quickly. I bought a higher capacity Chinese battery which worked for a short time before it too started losing charge quickly.

The company I work for upgraded us to Nokia Lumia 928’s which are of course fast and butter smooth. So I transitioned the Thunderbolt to personal duty and it did ok in that capacity until today when it puked and refused to come back to life for more than a few minutes even with a fresh battery and being plugged in.

Enter the Samsung Galaxy Note S3, the S4 or the Motorola Droid MaXX, not sure which of these three I’ll get yet. I’m stopping on the way home and checking them all out. One of the guys I work with has the Motorola Droid MAXX and it’s a very high quality phone, it’s fast and it has insane battery life. However I am a fan of the Samsung’s as well so we’ll see which one I end up with!



Big Matt said...

I figure at some point, I'll either root the damned phone and roll it back to an older Android OS, or replace it with a Samsung Galaxy of some sort :).

Erik's RV Blog said...

Matt - If the phone was still working I was going to root it but it died.. the funeral will be short and sweet.

Fred said...

I own a Droid Bionic now with Jelly Bean. Works Great! I also was interested in the Samsung Galaxy's. Talking to Verizon reps, pro's and con's of both brand of phones. The Droid's are made to take a beating better than the Samsung's. Personal choice I guess.