Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Mice Update

Well, I caught one more mouse Sunday night in the garage, the other traps haven’t been touched. No more have been caught in the bathroom, 5 traps in there and nothing but Sunday night it sounded like they were having a party in the attic unless of course it wasn’t mice…

I put 3 of the Rid Rite sonic repellers in the kitchen hopefully if they are in the house these will “repel” them from that room until we get this problem resolved. One thing to note is this year they have been everywhere but where the food is, both the cat and dog’s food bowls are in there and haven’t been touched, none of the cabinets invaded or the drawers either yet the upstairs bathroom looks like all the mice converged and partied like it’s 1999. What’s in that bathroom? paint, spackle, tools, remodeling stuff, a lot of it ruined now by these little bastards but most of it can be cleaned but that doesn’t explain why they left the kitchen completely alone?? Don’t get me wrong, we’re happy about that, just confused.

Last night I got a ladder and went up into the attic expecting it to look 10 times worse than the bathroom. I didn’t see a sign of mice or anything else for that matter.  0_o I didn’t lift up the insulation but there are plywood boards up there and there are no signs of mouse poop on them. I need to actually go all the way up and walk around to be sure. My right shoulder has gotten pretty bad so it’s not easy to go up there without paying for it dearly afterword's. I turned on the attic light and then closed it up. As far as I can tell there were no noises last night.

I have a call out to the owner designer of the ET Pest Control to discuss their solution which has an average of 4.5 out of 5 on Amazon. Most people agree they work. They have a deal on the 4 pack for the price of 3 right now and when I talk to this guy I’ll probably buy them. One for the attic, one for the first floor plugged in the kitchen, one in the basement and one in the garage.



For the RV I have been using the Rid Rite repellers and we literally have not had any mice since we installed them. HOWEVER when I placed a large one (picture left) in the garage and turned it on plus placed a peanut butter laced mouse trap I caught a mouse within an hour. I’m told it takes more time than that for these repellers to work plus the garage is large, this Rid Rite may be too small for the garage but fine for the RV.


Either way, during camping season the ET’s will be making their way to the RV if they work as well as people say.

Ronda and I are going to be ripping the whole first floor apart this weekend and doing a Spring cleaning style clean up and then pricing new carpet as the Berber is shot, no amount of cleaning is going to bring it back.

More to come on this riveting saga as it happens..


Ronda said...
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JO said...

Filthy little rodents hate them. Hope you get rid of them fast.

Anonymous said...

I always thought that the sound emitted would bother the other animals in the house.


Anonymous said...


Erik's RV Blog said...


The Rid Rite models don't seem to bother the cat or the dog. The ET's have controls to vary the signal depending on if it does happen to affect them, I haven't ordered any of the ET's yet though.

Erik's RV Blog said...


That's VERY old news to me as you know, I've been going there for decades.