Friday, November 1, 2013

If I Won The Lottery – Introducing The Muscle Car You Never Heard Of

My wife has been given instructions to win the lottery as soon as possible. When I play, we don’t even get a number, when she plays it teases us so she plays with the ladies from work.

I don’t have $300,000.00 and probably never will, at least not so that I could spend it on a car. BUT, if I DID this is the bad mofo I would toss that money into.

A 2014 Equus BASS 770, granted, stupid name but really, WHO CARES? Name it munchkin for all I care, this thing is pure AWESOMESAUCE.

640hp to start, toss a few bucks more at it since we have money to burn and the sky is the limit! This thing has the coolness of a Dodge Charger mixed in with the smaller more nimble and far superior (hey, this is my dream right) Mustang and you have this unreal monster of a car.

Now, if I could get 300 people to donate $1,000.00 each this could be mine! The odds of that are the same as winning the lottery… one can dream right? Smile

(The pictures are re-printed from the Equus website, I didn’t ask for permission, I doubt they’ll complain.)










Ronda said...

That IS pretty Awesomesauce!! I say we get TWO!! Mine will be yellow though. ;-)

Erik's RV Blog said...

You'll need to learn how to drive manual hon, they don't make sissy cars over there ya know. ;)

Big Matt said...

The non-sissy card is only passed out after you master driving a manual with a non-synchromesh transmission :p.

Erik's RV Blog said...

Oh Matt, my 1969 SS Chevelle 396 had a rock crusher in it and I could shift through the gears without using the clutch. ;)

JO said...

With that kind of money I could get a really nice Class B. :)

Erik's RV Blog said...

JO - I know right? Heck, a real nice Class A as well!