Monday, October 14, 2013

The RV Has Been Picked Up

The dealer picked up the RV today to take care of things we have found since we bought the rig a few months ago. None of the items should be hard to fix accept the roof staples.


Here is our list, considering we bought it without them having to fix anything and took it to our site this is all we have found since we bought it. There was a man in front of me who took 15 minutes to recite his list, wow.

1. There are a few square staples coming loose in the roof. This is of course a huge concern for us, also neither curve has the roof membrane glued down, is that normal? Per Keystone this is normal (boy would I design the roof differently).

2. Kitchen island GFI breaker trips with nothing plugged in, it controls the basement outlets as well? Do all fuses have power, if so why does number 3 from the left not show red when the fuse is removed?

3. Kitchen slide gouges kitchen floor far right under refrigerator. I have a piece of plastic under the section that makes contact to protect it.

4. Drivers side front leveling jack is leaking fluid, has not affected level, leaks from controller and otherwise works perfectly, the rig never went out of level for 3 months.

5. Back window doesn't close properly, one track came off, the arms twist during closing.

6. Bedroom phone charging station doesn’t charge phones. (not a Samsung or Nokia anyway)

7. Bedroom white trim loose above headboard, I pushed it back in but it continues to droop after a few days.

8. Stove has issues lighting one burner on right side

9. Bathroom AC vent has been broken since new, hangs down, it's missing one of the snaps, it mostly stays up, only I notice this of course.

10. Bathroom pocket door veneer has been peeling since day one on bottom corner about 1/4 of an inch.

11. Blue LED strips on front cap, some blink or are burnt out, currently in the middle of both there are burnt out sections.

12. Ceiling fan at times can get a bit wobbly, higher speeds, perhaps mount needs to be tightened a bit.

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