Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Big Matt Comment Response

I was just kidding about the 0_o face Smile  I appreciate any help and your responses did give me an idea or 3 or 4. I’m not using Server 2012 Standard, I’m using Server 2012 “Essentials” so no Hyper-V for me. The computers are old Dell’s from 1997 and 1999 so run Windows 95 and 98 and neither have software compatible with Win2k or Wind XP. I have written the company which is in Europe and they take weeks to respond but they say they do have newer software but the company will have to wait until they have the financial resources to upgrade. So it’s 95/98 for now.

I didn’t want them to be actual members, they both log onto a Windows 2000 Small Office Edition which is an AD server and runs an NT Login script which handles the mapping to the one share they both need to get to. What I was trying to do was the same thing on 2012 Essentials and in the Domain config there is a PreWin2K security setting….. I just realized I never added this security group to the file permissions on the share itself! I just logged on remotely to the server and made the change and I’ll go there tonight and check it out.

My only worry right now is Windows 95/98 can’t authenticate to the new domain or even just enough to run a script so this still may not work. Since they don’t have a budget for a NAS box that could do a simple windows share I am going to go through building the Windows 2003 box (if tonight's test doesn’t work)  with just the basics plus this one share for the two machines to go to. I’ll also toss a Windows XP machine on the network (or maybe a virtual machine) and create a share off of it and they should be able to access that share but of course this is not how it should be done, that ship has sailed at this point I just need a working solution so the rest of the migration can be completed.

Thanks for responding while you’re sick, I hope you get better soon!


Big Matt said...

They could use one of the many free Enterprise OSes to run as a VM from the main Domain controller, Ubuntu, CentOS, etc... to act as the NAS.

Many of the newest version can have Samba setup to work with Windows Domain Controllers.

Erik's RV Blog said...

Matt - Yeah, I've given thought about using one of the flavors of Linux, probably Ubuntu we'll see how it goes tonight.

Thanks Matt, feel better soon!

Big Matt said...

Hope it goes well :). I'd second Ubuntu, unlike Cent, it has a nice graphical Samba manager, which makes setting file shares up alot less hassle.