Sunday, October 6, 2013

Almost Over

The camping season is almost over at Blackhawk. On Saturday October 5th Blackhawk campground had their Halloween. We decorated the site a little bit but not like we are used to. Weather refused to be nice so we didn’t go all out. We did have a lot of trick or treaters this year though so I will be posting a lot of picture when I can get my cell phone to behave properly. Here are a few pictures of our site, I’ll post the rest this week.




Sue and Doug said...

very festive!! Happy end of camping season!!

TexCyn said...

I love that ya'll do this each year! But sad that the camping season is nearly over. Wow, didn't it just start??

JO said...

I wonder why I didn't see these all these before?

To bad it's almost over. I getting ready to go in a few weeks. We can camp all year here.