Monday, September 16, 2013


I’m kind of going all over the place here. I don’t know about all of you but for my entire life I have believed in God and Jesus. However I have questioned if it’s like they make claims of in Church. I have always been unsure of what to believe. The various church’s I have been to have always been filled with people who seem to be doing what their faith told them not to do. Judge others, make demands of people and even the Bible itself seemed to have sections written to ensure women knew their place… so much of it felt more like how men wanted women to be and blamed Eve for taking a bite out of the apple, seemed to be too contrived to me, too easy since it was man who interpreted God’s word. I believe if a woman had been the one hearing God’s word the Bible might appear a bit different today.

I believe I am as close to being a Christian as one can be thinking this way, maybe I’m wrong but I don’t use it as something to use over somebody. Today it’s popular to mock and laugh at Christians, they remove Christianity from schools but have no issue with Islam in schools or prayer rooms in schools or public places that don’t allow a cross. People scream that this isn’t a Christian country ignoring the facts and also ignoring that the separation letters were not law and yet, here we are. I digress, by ripping out the values that Christianity brought to this country we are replacing it with what exactly? Government? Yes, Government… it is now the all knowing all powerful and it’s getting more powerful by the day. Since there is no God according to these masses Government fills the void and they seem very happy with that.

I don’t know why the people who are so intent on ripping out Christianity are so easily ignoring Islam as it gets roots into more places. If Christianity isn’t allowed in public places why isn’t this standard used for Islam? Rhetorical question, this isn’t the place for this question and I began this post by saying my entire life I have believed in God and got off on a tangent again.

I just wish I knew how I believed in him, I believe in Jesus Christ as well and in fact this is the only part I can say with conviction. I believe in them whole heartedly because looking deeply into what so many scientists say how we came to be, makes no sense, at all. Name one complex thing you can build without a plan. If you take lincoln logs and throw them into the air, do they fall into the form of a log house? If you threw them into the air a billion times would they form a house? How about a house that is self aware? This is too simplistic yes? The scientists would have us believe that we are a mistake. Yet here we are, the product of monkeys right? Yet monkeys are still here, are saber tooth tigers still here? Wooly Mammoths? All of those creatures have been replaced yet we come from monkeys and they are still here. People accept the explanation of Darwin and that’s it.

I do believe in evolution so Darwin is partially correct I think, heck I don’t have the answers but I honestly believe neither do the scientists. These guys can’t even get global warming right to span 3 decades and we are expected to believe they know what has happened over 4 billion years? Sorry, can’t do it, they have changed their minds way too much on too many things since just 1970 for me to follow their theories, you can’t even get 5 of them into a room to agree with each other.

The random end to a mix-mash of events over millions of years and complex brains that are self aware are the end result? Seriously? You believe that only one species would become self aware? Does that really make sense? I’m sure many will school me o this, please just post an opinion ok, no essays.

I digress again, September 24th Kirk Cameron’s movie unstoppable is making its debut at a local theater and we will be going. This is a man who started out an atheist and is now a man of faith. I have read some of his work and watched some of his videos and while I don’t agree with some of his words I think overall he is honest and has put out a movie that explains his path and I plan to watch it so maybe, just maybe I can get some clarity for my path.

Ronda knows what she believes through and through, she never waivers, I hope one day to be that strong. If you have a chance, check this movie out and let me know what you think.

Let me know what you think about my ramblings above as well, I know some of you have strong thoughts on the subject. If you have nothing but negativity to respond with, don’t. Thank you.



Erik's RV Blog said...

Folks, I just re-read my blog post, even I can't make sense of it....

Merikay said...

You are free to practice what ever religion you want. So are others. Most people really don't want to hear about beliefs other than their own.

This is your blog and you are free to write about anything you want. But if you do not want comments unless they agree with you, you should disable all comments.

I believe we should each have our own personal relationship with God and let others have or not have their own as well.

Erik's RV Blog said...

Merikay - I said "If you have nothing but negativity to respond with, don’t."

I don't see where that is saying I only want people who agree with me to comment.

I believe it states not to be negative, people can disagree without being negative or maybe I'm really off on how people read into things, thats possible to.

If others think I am only asking for comments that agree with me I'll change it but of all of what I said that was the last impression I wanted to make.

Anonymous said...

i agree with merikay you are just like all other christians. you think everybody should think like you and if somebody disagrees you get real mad. sceientists know alot more than you do so who are you to tell us who is right and wrong?

Erik's RV Blog said...

Anonymous - I don't believe I'm telling anybody to think anything. I did ask people not to be negative, was that too much to ask? Does that mean agree with me?

Tell you and everybody else who thinks that, don't read my posts if you don't like them. Delete the link that took you here, nobody is forcing you here.

Don't be negative now means agree with me, who would'a thunk it.

Good grief.

Erik's RV Blog said...

Folks, I realized religion is a topic people try and stay away from. I have now gotten 4 more from people that were so bad I had to delete them.

I am NOT telling anybody to agree with me. I posted how I feel, this is a blog written by a guy who rants, see the blog URL? Says it all, Erik's Rantz.

It doesn't mean I'm right, it doesn't mean if I say something people have to agree.

If I ask you not to be negative and people who read my blog know this, I say it because there have been a few who come here and use the open nature of my comments section to post negative hate filled diatribes and I for good reason no longer feel I have to allow hate filled comments.

So, allow me my opinion, I always allow yours, don't agree with me? GREAT!! Comment without being an asshat and things will be fine.

I know, don't post about religion and things will be fine. Well, this being my blog I'll post what ever I post about. People have the choice to read it or not... freedom is great isn't it. :)

Teri said...

I had to stop reading a blog because when I disagreed in my comments - all of her commenter's ganged up on me, so I wrote again and said I was sorry if I upset them, and then the blog writer responded and said I was not sorry. So I have not read her blog since that day. Free speech. Free will.

JO said...

WOW! See how people perceive things. I see that you are just trying to say how you feel. I was raised Catholic but gave up the church a long time ago. I do believe that there is a higher power. I worked with a Native American Center years ago and was quite involved. I felt very strongly in their beliefs.
As for the rest of the things going on in schools and the Pledge of Allegiance, should not be changed.
If these people are so against it why do they insist on having and getting there beliefs thrown in to schools.

Rick Isnor said...

First, Thanks for the thought provoking post. It reminded me of late night conversation I use to enjoy with an old friend ( now moved away).
I do aggree with alot of what you say. Other points I'm not sure but like I said that is why it is thought provoking.
I guess those that don't like your style should consider moving on to something more bland.

Anonymous said...

Why is it people who profess to be Christian feel they need to shove it down peoples throats? Your a Christian bully for you who cares? This country isn't Christian only you idiots believe it and say it. Shut the hell up we don't need your kind here in fact the Islamists have a better track record!

Erik's RV Blog said...

Teri - Very good point! :)

JO - I am finding that posting an opinion seems to be taken as I expect others to agree which couldn't be further from the truth.

Rick - I couldn't agree more. Thanks for stopping by.

Erik's RV Blog said...

Anonymous - Who forced you here to read my blog? Who forced my opinion down your throat?

This isn't a Christian country, perhaps it isn't anymore but it used to be. That doesn't mean it wasn't open to people of all faiths (obviously) but now we have given up faith for Government, wallow in it, I choose not to.

Why is it people who don't agree feel so strongly in their belief they react in such a way? Shut up? Bite me, this is my blog and I'll say what I wish.

As for Islam having a better track record, tell me the last time a Christian cut off a persons head or flew planes into buildings. I don't blame Islam for that, I blame radical members of the faith. I have not seen any radical Christians doing the same kinds of things.

Islam requires the death of those who don't convert, last time I checked Christianity has no such requirement.

Merikay said...

Erik. I tried very hard to phrase my comment so that it would not be negative, but you still took it that way. I do not think it was.

The primary difference between god and government is that god can do no harm. Belief in god give people comfort, and for those who need it an invisable inner policeman to help control their sinful impulses. Government can't do that. Yet.

Read and consider the comments from others. Delete the really rude ones, but respect the fact that some disagree with you.

Disagreement is not necessarily negative.

Erik's RV Blog said...

Merikay - I agree with most of what you said, very much so in fact. I don't take disagreement as negative. If somebody could say hey I disagree and here is why great, refreshing even if not precedent setting.

Unfortunately the disagreement comes like "Shut the hell up we don't need your kind here in fact the Islamists have a better track record!" or "you think everybody should think like you and if somebody disagrees you get real mad."

I have not gotten a disagreement that wasn't rude and negative. Not speaking about you and I did delete the real bad ones.

I know how I come across at times and this is where tone is lost in the written word. I have never been good at writing to show I'm smiling when I write it, it often comes out stern when that was un-intended.

I have much to learn.

Anonymous said...

your and asshole why not admit it and get it over with! all christians want to rule the world and now the world is fighting back. islam has to chop heads of to get their point across but your too stupid to understand that. when the usa is free of you people it will be better off!

Erik's RV Blog said...

Anonymous - I'm going to let your ridiculous comment speak for itself. I mean just wow....

Ronda said...

Hon...will you please delete that asshole? Don't even comment...he's not worth the effort.

Erik's RV Blog said...

Ronda - I'm leaving it. It speaks volumes about what the mentality is like out there. I have actually read it now several times and can't believe there is a person out there that thinks like that.

Then I remember the OWS kids and the signs they carried and sadly there are thousands who think like this person. So I'm leaving it, if he continues then I'll delete them.

Big Matt said...

Yeesh... this the primary reason I don't discuss politics or Religion anymore, and turn off the feeds of friends on facebook when they get too active in their postings till they move on from whatever soap box they're standing on that day.

Sadly, I have one friend that I've never switched back on because his whole life revolves around constantly debating everything that's in the news.