Tuesday, May 28, 2013

They Fought For Us

I asked a few young folks what Memorial Day meant to them. What were they taught in school about Memorial Day, NONE of them had an answer and it upset me. None were interested in learning about it either, we’re only talking about 8 kids but this seems to be close to the norm.

What the heck are they teaching? I would love to play this for all American youth so that they understand that freedom isn’t free, it was paid for by American blood, American Men and Women gave either some or all, for us to remain free.

In our rush to be ignorant we are raising a generation of people who have no clue, they need to see this video and video’s like it because forgetting History means we will repeat it.

My Grandparents fought the Nazis in Norway when Hitler broke his promise not to invade. Hitler forced Norway's sons to fight for the Nazis or die, they forced almost everyone to work in factories or mines. I grew up proud of them, my Father and my Uncles for being Merchant Marines. As an American I continue to be proud of my Father, Uncles (Army and Marines), Wife (Army), Brother (Marine), Brother-In-Law (Army), Sister-In-Law (Navy) and Nephews (Navy, Army & Marines) for their service knowing that they would give everything (some gave ALL) to keep us free.

Teach your kids about our History, it seems schools focus on the bad, teach them about the good as well because this country does A LOT of GOOD and I’m damn sick to my bones of only hearing about the bad.

Here is the video, it’s worth watching and remembering, they DID fight for all of us. The greatest generation is dying off leaving our schools to teach our kids and they are failing in this, horribly.


Anonymous said...

wwii was forever ago old man deal with it! wars like that are for your generation not ours!

Erik's RV Blog * said...


Clearly you are a product of modern public education.

Ronda said...

The 'dumbed down' modern public education. Extremely ignorant and narcissistic. Very sad.

Big Matt said...

No matter how many roses you pile on it, a shit stain is still a shit stain, and why you let this one remain to soil the post Erik is beyond me :p.

Erik's RV Blog * said...


He represents the very kids I was talking about. The "everybody owes me" screw everything mentality and when he posts all he does is prove my point so I let it ride unless he gets vulger.

I don't understand how we let it get this bad.

Big Matt said...

As best as I can trace it, it all started on June 25, 1962 and escalated from there.

Steinar Andersen said...
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Steinar Andersen said...
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