Wednesday, May 29, 2013


She’s cute, cuddly and has decided I’m to be tolerated but not when Ronda isn’t around. Tonight Ronda wasn’t feeling too well so she asked me to walk the dog, sure why not? She handed me the leash and walked upstairs to be sick and I turned around and opened the door and Shiloh, decided now was the perfect time to explain to me that I don’t walk her, so flopped all over the floor trying to shake herself out of the collar and started screeching and screaming and I’m standing at the door dumbfounded and trying to get her to go outside with me.

She would have none of that so I tried to calm her down and she escalates so I have to hold onto her collar so I can disconnect her leash and she starts peeing everywhere and adds a nice poop to the mix.  

Once disconnected after taking a chunk of fingernail off of my right index finger she races upstairs and huddles against the door waiting for Ronda. What I have just experienced is the most insane separation anxiety that can be imagined. We knew getting a dog from a shelter might bring issues but this dog must have had a man that abused her or she just can’t be away from Ronda, either way the dog has issues that I have to decide I can get through.

The neighbors I’m sure after that screaming and screeching think I beat the hell out of her and I’m sitting here writing this knowing Ronda cares about that dog a great deal and also knowing that the dog decides if she is going to let me in or not. I can be nice to her forever, if she doesn’t like me I can’t force her to… this is easy with cats, ignore them and everything is fine but dogs are another matter altogether.

Ronda has signed the dog up for obedience training but that won’t make the dog accept me. It will just make her be more obedient.

I don’t know what to do, Shiloh is great with me as long as Ronda is around…. we’ll see what happens I guess. Disappointed smile


Steinar Andersen said...
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Erik's RV Blog * said...


Difficult would be easy, we had to clean poop off of the wall because of her flopping everywhere.

I dream of a difficult puppy, this one is IMPOSSIBLE. She is now cowering, my offense, trying to take her for a simple walk. Won't be making that mistake anytime soon, just not worth it.

Merikay said...

I adopted a Boarder Collie 1 year old when Craig was out of town. We lived in rural Wisconsin at the time. He seemed to dislike men and would growl and bark if any man came into the yard or house. I had to be with him when Craig came home or he wouldn't let Craig in. We had hoped this behavior would lesen in time since if I was there and told him Craig was OK each night things would be OK. Unfortunately the dog was shot by a neighbor before we could determine if he was going to settle in. The dog had bolted and run away after a deer. The neighbor was a farmer and shot wandering dogs and stray cats that came into his yard.

This was 30 years ago. We don't live there anymore.

JO said...

WOW that sound bad. I sure hope things can change soon. That might be something that can take some time.

Sue and Doug said...

give her some time, poor thing probably hasn't had an easy go of it..hang in there!

Erik's RV Blog * said...

Merikay - Wow, I can't imagine somebody shooting my dog! The dog is great when my wife is around, its when she isn't in the room the dog changes into crazy town.

JO & Sue and Doug - Agreed, I play with her when Ronda is around and I'm going to start doing some of the feedings with Ronda in another room and hopefully she will learn to accept me and who knows, maybe even like me.