Sunday, May 19, 2013

Nephew Graduation, RV Update, Site Update - Busy Weekend!!

Congratulations on graduating Jared! Here he is with Ronda after the ceremony completed. He joined the Marines and joins a long line of Devil Dogs, we’re very proud of him!


RV Updates…

Last year the passenger side sun visor locked up and one side ripped out of it’s mount. I put it into the closet until I could find the time to repair it or replace it. I decided to try and repair it and see if I could mount it back in the same place using longer screws. I took it apart, used 3in1 household oil and then put it back together and mounted it, works perfectly, smooth as glass and hold it’s position. 

IMAG0593  IMAG0594

Next on the agenda was replacing the cheap junk wipers the dealer installed. The wipers were barely adequate but did the job. This Spring they started falling apart so we replaced the 14 inch wipers with 24 inch Michelin wipers which are awesome. Unfortunately while removing the passenger side wiper the solvent sprayer broke off (cheap plastic!!). So while I was cleaning the windshields Ronda bought superglue and I patiently glued the sprayer back together and it seems to be holding, we’ll see.


Next up is the sewer pipe area. There is almost no grass growing in this area and the previous camper built a very long pipe that was way too long to use for our rig. At first I just used a very long length of sewer hose but it makes more sense to use a pipe for that length.

IMAG0600  IMAG0605

I bought PVC fittings, primer and glue, used my hacksaw to adjust the length and then I tried to clean the area up a bit. We had a section of fence saved so we could hide that area, if it were up to me I would find a way to handle sewage differently, haven’t figured out how but I like it neat and tidy and rarely get it to look like I want it to look but this is ok for now.


I have a few other fittings to bring the pipe closer to the rig in the back. I’m bringing patio stones, large ones soon and covering this area so if it’s raining I can handle things without getting muddy.


There hasn’t been a Class A on this side of the campground in 10 years, we know why it’s impossible to level them on this kind of slope! The owners are going to work with me on trying to make the site more level.

We bought ramps, 15,000lbs of holding power, worst case we figure we could stack them and use the hydraulics' to place the front tires onto a stack of two, the RV responded by crushing them… Disappointed smile


For now we decided to use the boards we bought and the orange jack pads and lifted the rig 9 inches into the air and then Ronda stacked the boards and in the end we are pretty close so we’re leaving it like this until after Memorial Day weekend.

 IMAG0595  IMAG0599

The grass see we planted has started to grow. I put down 2 4x4 boards between the trees and the piled up the wood there, I like how it turned out. Smile

IMAG0601  IMAG0604

     Our flag pole light, also lights up the trees above.              The shed is all cleaned out.

                IMAG0607                  IMAG0602

The site is coming along nicely, grass is starting to grow and the plants are growing like crazy. We are having family over for Memorial Day which will be a blast, Jared is leaving for the Marines on July 15th so we’ll have this Holiday and July 4th and then he’s off to boot camp so we’re going to get as much time with him as we can before he leaves.


Till next time have a great week everybody!  Smile


Shirley said...

Looking good Erik.

Big Matt said...

Aye, definitely looks good :).

JO said...

It sure is looking good! Are those Hosta's along the walk way. I am trying for the second year now.

Congras to Jarod.

JO said...

oops Jared