Monday, April 15, 2013

Loki Is Home & The RV Is In The Campground Finally


We received the URN for Loki, a Willow Tree figurine “Angel of Friendship” (she is holding a small dog) plus a Willow Tree “Truly a Friend” keepsake box for her collar. We decided on the picture of Loki looking back at us when we were camping, it just seemed fitting. Dog face Some people might not understand why we are doing all of this for Loki, for two people who couldn’t have kids Loki was more like our kid than just a dog, she is missed big time.


Here is the RV cleaned inside and out, finally and now in our spot at the campground.


We have to make adjustments to the site and if we can’t get the RV another 4 inches higher we’ll need to make a path from the RV steps through the mulch. We’re working on some ideas but here is the whole site, it’s HUGE! More pictures to come when we get the site adjusted.

Oh, one last thing, never power wash with the slide out, you can cause stains on the interior wall above the slide inside. I’ll take pictures next weekend, hopefully I can get the stains out! I knew when I pointed it at the corner some might get in, this one is on me. Sarcastic smile



TexCyn said...

I fully understand on Loki. I have all mine cremated too. It hurts though when that little box comes back, as it brings it all back again.
The RV looks grreat. I like that deck too!

Teri said...

The lot looks nice. That deck was probably built for a trailer or 5th wheel.

Jackie said...

Made me cry...a beautiful tribute and resting place for your loyal companion. She will forever be with you in your hearts.

JO said...

Nice memory of a very special pup.
I like your new sight I hope there will be a way to line the door up with the deck.

Sue and Doug said...

nice tribute for Loki even though it hurts to see the little box.

Big Matt said...

Time for a quick run to your local lumber yard for some 2x10s or 2x12s to make wheel ramps with ;).

Erik's RV Blog * said...

TexCyn – Thank you.

Teri – Yes, the deck was built by the previous people for a travel trailer. If our rig had 22.5 inch tires we’d be golden!

Jackie – Thank you, agreed.

JO – Thank you, I’ll explain how we might get this done in my response to Big Matt.

Sue and Doug – Thank you.

Big Matt – Agreed, I have some ideas to get that heavy beast 4 inches into the air. I’m going to stack 2 2x10’s and angle cut them so it’s easier to drive up onto them. I also have to disconnect or pull the fuse for the power stairs as well.